Contact Lenses 

CooperVision Two-week Toric
Optometrists can offer their patients with astigmatism a toric lens with a new material designed for improved comfort. CooperVision’s Avaira Vitality Toric is a two-week lens made with the company’s fanfilcon A silicone hydrogel material designed to deliver 55% greater water content for a healthier wearing experience, the company says. The lens is also able to block 90% of UVA and 99% of UVB rays, according to CooperVision.

Avaira Vitality Toric is currently available in a power range of plano to -6.00D with cylinder options of 0.75D, 1.25D, 1.75D, in axes from 10° to 180° in 10° steps. It has a modulus of 0.6MPa, a Dk of 90, and a Dk/t of 90. The base curve is 8.5mm and the diameter is 14.5mm. Plus powers, high minus powers and a -2.25 cylinder will be available later in 2017.


B+L scleral Contact Lens
The Zen RC scleral contact lens, a new option from Bausch + Lomb, was designed specifically for patients with normal corneas. To simplify the fitting process, doctors may modify the parameters as needed, B+L says.

The Zen RC scleral lens is highly customizable, though the standard parameters should be adequate for most patients, according to the company. Toric peripheral curves, customized center thickness, flexure controlling profiles and front toric prescriptions can also be ordered when needed, according to B+L


Scleral Lens Fitting Set
BostonSight now offers a 22-fitting lens set to help practitioners more easily fit patients with scleral lenses in the large-diameter category. The BostonSight Scleral system uses patient data collected over six years from 7,000 eyes, to help eliminate the need for modifications, says BostonSight.

Scleral offers right- and left-eye anatomical designs. It is available in 18.0mm, 18.5mm and 19.0mm diameters, and it uses a single starting point regardless of a patient’s condition. This is also the first fitting system to provide front-surface eccentricity options, including a quadrant-specific toric peripheral haptic system, according to the company.

The system requires no startup costs, extensive training or special equipment, according to BostonSight. Qualified practices receive complimentary diagnostic lens sets and online training webinars.

To sign up, register at or call 888-SCLERAL.

Contact Lens Care 

Buffered Saline
ScleralFil, by Bausch + Lomb, is a sterile, buffered solution with no preservatives, indicated for inserting and rinsing scleral lenses. ScleralFil also avoids mercury-containing ingredients that can be sensitive to some contact lens wearers, and is buffered to maintain pH, according to B+L. It can also be used to rinse soft and gas permeable contacts to remove debris and traces of daily cleaner, prior to lens insertion.


Dispensing Equipment

Lens Checker
Asahi Vision’s aLC-100 Lens Checker allows you to easily check contacts and spectacles for scratches and impurities, according to the company. It can also connect to a PC or tablet via USB and can quickly switch between dark- and bright-field modes. Asahi says the aLC-100 is a surface inspection tool for any kind of lens, giving practices the ability to observe progressive markings with limited effort, and record lens condition and usage.



Under-eye Skin Cream
The OcuDerma eye gel from MediNiche, for patients who want to help minimize the appearance of aging, has been updated. MediNiche says the gel won’t cloud contact lenses or cause irritation.

The gel formulation creates a non-oily, non-sticky vehicle, and the product contains no fragrances, artificial dyes, parabens, sensitizers or pore-clogging agents, according to the company. MediNiche says that the product contains unique extracts, locust bean and hyaluronate that make the skin around the eyes feel tighter and look firmer.

OcuDerma now also comes in an airless pump bottle and features a “sani-dose” pump dispenser.