Ophthalmic Lenses 

Clear Lens Protection 
A new lens protection option from Essilor gives patients greater ability to protect their eyes from the potential hazards of blue light.

 The embedded Smart Blue Filter is available in all Transitions adaptive lenses and in select Varilux Digital (PAL) and Eyezen+ (enhanced SV) products—at no additional cost to the patient, the company says.

 The feature blocks 20% of blue light while allowing light in the blue-turquoise spectrum to pass through.

Visit www.essilorusa.com/bluelight.

Contact Lens Care

On-The-Go Saline

Alcon now offers a new saline solution for your contact lens patients. Clear Care Rinse & Go allows for quick, gentle contact lens rinsing at home or away.

After cleaning and disinfection, it removes loosened debris and trace amounts of cleaning and disinfecting solution. Alcon says it can be used for up to 30 days of contact lens storage.

It does not replace daily cleaning and disinfection of contact lenses, but is intended as a companion product. 

Clear Care Rinse & Go is available in two sizes: 12 fl. oz. and 4 fl. oz. 

Visit www.alcon.com.  

Practice Management 

New MGD Education Website

A new dry eye education resource is now online to help you educate your patients. 

TearScience says its new website DryEyeandMGD.com features: 

• An intuitive user interface. 
• A wealth of educational resources. 
• Search function to help patients locate ODs who offer TearScience’s LipiFlow MGD treatment.
• An MGD quiz and expert forum for patients to ask questions about their symptoms and treatment options.   

Visit www.TearScience.com.

New Speaker Series at Vision Expo

OcuSoft has launched a new speakers series program at this year’s International Vision Expo East. “Eyelids & Eyelashes: A Focus on Growth For Your Practice” allows optometrists to share outlooks and views with experts in the field, according to OcuSoft. The goal of the series is to discuss the developments in optometry, including in cosmetics and skin care, and how to effectively incorporate them into everyday practice, according to OcuSoft. 

Visit www.ocusoft.com for future meeting dates.

Diagnostic Technology

Improved Handheld Tonometer Model  

Optometrists can now take advantage of a new, user-friendly handheld tonometer from Icare USA.

The ic100 model uses the same rebound technology as its successor, TA01i, with added ergonomic features and an improved user interface that makes it easier to obtain consistent, repeatable IOP measurements, according to the company. 

The ic100 model includes:
• The ability to be used without callibration, eye drops, air or special training.
• Intelligent positioning. Red and green lights help operators guide the tonometer into the correct position for testing. Optometrists can simply load, align and measure. 
• An automated measuring sequence, which takes a series of six measurements with one touch.

 Visit info@icare-usa.com


Post-op Ocular Pain Drug

Optometrists may now have another choice of pain medication to offer post-op cataract surgery patients. BromSite by Sun Pharma is the first NSAID approved to prevent pain, not just treat it, according to the company.

Two well-controlled studies indicated that more BromSite-treated patients were pain-free at day one post-surgery compared with controls, and more were inflammation-free at day 15 post-surgery, according to Sun Pharma. 

Expect Bromsite to be made available in the second half of 2016.

Visit www.sunpharma.com