Contact Lenses

Patient-Friendly Packaging

Alcon launched new US-specific packaging for its Dailies AquaComfort Plus spherical contact lenses to assist patients with proper lens wear and care. The new packaging features new patient-friendly educational elements, including detailed insertion and removal illustrations plus a toll-free patient helpline, email address and website for more support. Additionally, the US flag symbol will appear on the new packaging to identify the boxes as specific only to US patients.


Toric Scleral Lens 

Blanchard has added the Sym-Toric scleral lens design, a front toric that the company says enhances patient comfort, visual performance consistency and simplifies the fitting experience when using the Onefit Scleral Lens Platform diagnostic lens set. The lens does not rely on the prism ballast or toricity in the haptic as is typically used to stabilize axis orientation. While keeping the same edge elevation 360 degrees, the posterior surface aligns to the different radii values of the cornea and sclera. 


Another Base Curve 

Menicon has added a second base curve—8.4—for its Miru 1day Menicon Flat Pack daily disposable contact lenses, in addition to the existing 8.6 base curve. The 8.4 base curve was designed based on feedback from ODs seeking additional fitting options. The lenses are available in trial six-packs, 30-packs and 90-packs. 


More Scleral Approvals

Visionary Optics has received FDA clearance for its complete line of scleral contact lenses: Jupiter, Europa and Elara. Historically, FDA clearance for scleral lenses has been based solely on lens material. The approval allows doctors to choose from a variety of sclerals from multiple companies, based on their individual designs and case reports documenting efficacy, according to the company.


Devices and Equipment

Epithelial Mapping via OCT

If you have Optovue’s iVue or iFusion OCT system, you can now add corneal epithelial thickness mapping to the device, a first for the OCT category, says the manufacturer. Traditional measurements require high-frequency digital ultrasound and saline. Optovue says its new software, called epi-mapping, provides epithelial and stromal measurements in a fast, non-contact and easy exam. It is particularly helpful for keratoconic and dry eye patients, as well as to observe how the eye is healing after refractive and corneal surgery, the company says.


Lens Edging System

Coburn has introduced the HPE-410 Excelon Lens Edging System. Replacing the CPE-4000 model, the new HPE-410’s design is fresh and modern, Coburn says. Its features were designed to keep up with optometrists’ finishing demands. The machine comes with a stronger wheel with longer durability, and eliminates lens slippage with an adaptive lens chuck and position sensor, according to the company.


Portable Fundus Camera

Eyefficient is partnering with MediWorks to introduce a new handheld fundus camera, the FC160, in the United States. The manufacturer says the FC 160 is a sleek, portable, lightweight nonmydriatic camera with built-in wifi, Micro SD and Miracast connectivity that allows fast, easy dissemination of retinal images from remote locations. A 3.97-inch touch screen and five internal fixation targets allow doctors to capture images with ease. 


Artificial Tear

New Ocular Lubricant

The Mentholatum Company now offers a new artificial tear called Rohto Dry-Aid Drops, designed to help relieve dry eye symptoms. The manufacturer calls it a non-blurring eye drop with a formula that provides long-lasting relief, helping to restore the natural tear film and improving dry eye signs and symptoms.