I haven’t had time to write poetry since I moved to Texas, and everyone who knows me knows just how much poetry means to me.

Quit laughing, I am serious. As an example of my passion, here are a few of my recent poems:

Ode to My Staff

Thank you for the things you do.
Thank you for what you don’t do.
It’s too bad I need to let you go,
Because of what you won’t do.

Your Lens

These are your lenses we have made for you.
If you can’t see, why’d you choose
Number one instead of number two?


There are bumps on your eyelid
That don’t mean a thing.
There are bumps on your eye
That make your eyes sting.
Bumps in the day and bumps in the night,
All you know is something ain’t right.
So you try every eye drop they sell at the store,
And when those don’t work you try even more.
You soak it and rub it and nothing will work.
Then you call me on Sunday, you lousy jerk!

My Glasses

“Where are my glasses?” you asked with a grin.
“You told me they’d be here but never said when.”
“I’m leaving for Holland on the very first plane.”
There’s a problem at the lab and let me explain.
Something was broken and the order was lost.
The lab’ll work on it, no matter the cost.
So please just be patient. They’ll be here soon.
Maybe next May, but probably next June.

My Retinal Haiku

Sunny nowadays
A sighted, blurred eyeball sees
Nothing but floaters

Your Kid’s Eyes

Your kid can’t see,
That’s what I say
But you’re on your phone
Just texting away.
Please turn it off and put it down
Before I stomp it to bits
On the cold, hard ground.


So you want your prescription
To buy it online.
OK by me if you think it’s fine
To stare at computers
And then feel the strain,
To feel like puking again and again,
To rub your eyes all day long,
To do your work and get it all wrong.
Don’t give me low reviews for goodness’s sake
When you are the fool that made the mistake!

Final Thoughts

All that we do, we do for love.
To protect your sight, a gift from above.
We are not perfect. We won’t try to be.
But what you get is what you can see.

That last one really had me tearing up. Writing poetry can be a great release—maybe you should give it a try. Just don’t track me down to swap lines.