A 26-year-old Caucasian female presented for an eye examination without any chief complaints. She had not had an eye evaluation in more than five years and wanted to update her medical status. 

She reported no history of ocular disease or systemic illnesses of any kind. She also denied having allergies of any kind.

Diagnostic Data

Her best-corrected visual acuity was measured at 20/20 OU. An external examination was deemed to be normal and no evidence of afferent pupillary defect was seen. 

A refractive evaluation, however, uncovered that she had a mild hyperopia of +0.50D. Biomicroscopy revealed normal lids and lashes in both eyes with normal, healthy anterior segment structures. The intraocular pressures for both of her eyes was measured at 16mm Hg with the use of Goldmann applanation. The pertinent posterior segment finding is documented in the fundus photographs provided.

Your Diagnosis

Does the patient’s case presented require any additional tests, history or information? What steps would you take to manage this patient? Based on the information provided, what diagnosis would you make? What is the patient’s most likely prognosis?

The findings in these fundus photographs portray a 26-year-old patient who presented without any complaint. Does the imaging provide insight into any signs of ocular disease?