Diagnostic Quiz

Disc Jockey

This patient’s optic nerve head appearance was concerning. What could create this presentation, and what does it represent?

In Deep Trouble

Problems that arise beneath the RPE are often worrisome. Would you recommend immediate attention in this case?

Hiding in Plain Sight

When a patient has no visual problems but you notice an anomaly, what should you do?

Blink and You’ll Miss It

When there’s little to no clinical evidence to evaluate, we must rely on careful questioning to uncover the cause.

That Sinking Feeling

A patient’s vision has been blurry ever since a recent fall. You examine her and find this. What’s going on?

Nothing to Sneeze At

Blood suddenly appears in a patient’s anterior chamber. What could have caused it? How serious is the condition?

Born This Way

When a patient describes a longstanding and gradually worsening issue, what type of disease should you consider?

Getting on My Nerves

An otherwise routine visit reveals a suspicious finding. What is the appropriate course of action?

History Lesson

How to proceed when a patient’s report of their medical status doesn’t match your clinical assessment.

What’s Your Angle?

A patient comes in with IOP of 65mm Hg and 20/400 vision. How do you arrive at a diagnosis and address her urgent needs?