A new addition to the growing scleral lens market aims to address a common challenge that eyecare providers face: achieving the optimal fit. The Europa Tangent—the second scleral lens design to join the Europa line by Visionary Optics—allows for independent adjustment of parameters in the central, limbal and landing zones using a three-zone fitting system, developers say. 

An illustration of the three zones in new Europa Tangent scleral lenses.
An illustration of the three zones in new Europa Tangent scleral lenses. Click image to enlarge.

The design of the customizable scleral lens was inspired by profilometry data from more than 10,000 fittings, the company explained in the product’s press release. The lens has one landing zone curve, which the company says was engineered to follow the natural slope of the sclera. It also has a softer landing zone, patterned after the free-form design used in the company’s Latitude scleral lenses. The smoother transition to the landing zone is intended to help eliminate compression and blanching that sometimes occur during the fitting process. 

The developers suggest the lens may be a practical option for providers in search of a more streamlined, easy-to-understand process for fitting patients with scleral lenses.

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