Research Update

The Legacy of AREDS

AREDS-2 raised eyebrows, but could also open doors to ‘pharmaco­genomics’ and more meaningful use of personalized genetic testing.

CXL: The Missing Link?

Can corneal collagen crosslinking expand the refractive surgery market? The simple answer is 'yes.' But there's a little more to it than that.

A Test Drug For Sub-retinal Fluid

INS37217 may one day prevent vision loss from various retinal conditions. By BRETT J. KING, O.D.

It’s Like LASIK, Only with an ‘E’

This new refractive laser surgery provides more options for interested patients. By PAUL M. KARPECKI, O.D.

Protect Your PC From Viruses

These three steps will prevent hackers from invading your computer.

Who's Winning, the Bugs or the Drugs?

New antibiotic weapons aid our attack in the war on bugs.

PTK's Treatment Breakthroughs

Phototherapeutic keratectomy expands options for corneal disorders.

Researchers’ Read On Topography

How accurate a picture can you get of the cornea? Here’s what the literature says about two units.

The Next Thing for Astigmatism

CK utilizes radio waves for correcting hyperopia and astigmatism.

Upcoming Events

December 10-11, 2021

Optometric Glaucoma Symposium Winter Conference
Location: Hyatt Regency Newport Beach
Program Co-chairs: Murray Fingeret, OD, FAAO and Robert N. Weinreb, MD
Up to 12 LIVE COPE Credits

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December 11, 2021

Early Detection, Monitoring and Timely Referral
Location: Hyatt Regency Newport Beach Patio Room
Speakers: Mohammad Rafieetary, OD, FAAO, and Nathan C. Steinle, MD
Dinner/Presentation 6:00–7:00pm EST

Sponsored by Regeneron

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December 11-12, 2021

Retina Update 2021
Location: Hyatt Regency Newport Beach
Program Chairs: Mohammad Rafieetary, OD, FAAO; Steven Ferrucci, OD, FAAO
Up to 11 Live COPE credits

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