May 15, 2006


American Optometric Association

ARVO Report

ARVO Cornea

Studies discuss tear film and contact lens wear, presbyopia and adaptive optics, dry eye treatments and more.

Report From ARVO

Here are the latest research findings that can affect your patient care.

Patient Care

Nutrition and the Eye: How and Why to Fortify

Research shows that nutrition can defend the eye from many ocular and systemic conditions. Here's how to put your medicine where your mouth is.

Practice Management

Ready or Not, Here It Comes

Even the best planning may not totally protect you from disaster, but these five steps can mitigate your damages and hasten your recovery.

7 Steps to Screen New Hires

Employee theft costs businesses almost $15 billion a year. Put these seven steps into action not just to prevent theft but to find the best employees.



Thank You for Not Coughing

Memo to Staff: Coughing is no longer allowed. If you must cough, your pay will be docked. And I'm just the doc to dock it.

Letters to the Editor

News Review


All Press is Good Press

This may be true for celebrities, but optometrists have to be a little more careful about what they say in front of the camera.