Cataract Surgery

From Dislocation to Restoration

This patient had to undergo IOL replacement surgery to finally achieve satisfactory vision.

Biometric Parameters Can Predict Post-Phaco IOP Spikes

Routine use may help identify patients at greater risk, such as those with glaucoma.

Intravitreal Therapy Ups Risk of Cataract Surgery Complications

Other factors included older age, male gender, BCVA, diabetes, pseudoexfoliation and glaucoma, study finds.

No Clinical Advantage to Femto Cataract Surgery

Study finds no differences in vision, adverse postoperative events or patient perceptions of quality between FLACS and conventional phaco at 12 months.

Global Cataract Burden Falls Disproportionately on Poor Countries

Socioeconomic status was inversely associated with loss of sight, mainly due to greater UV exposure and lack of remediation options in developing nations.

Cataract Comanagement: Relationships Get Results

Learn to cultivate the interprofessional bonds that are at the heart of a productive pairing of OD-MD colleagues.

Delay Between Cataract Surgeries Affects Mental Health

Keep the interval under three months to reduce psychological burden, study says.

Entropion Linked to Cataract Surgery

Risk factors included patient or eye movement, eyelid squeezing, pain and anxiety.

Phaco Associated With Better Glaucoma Outcomes

Early cataract surgery after an acute primary angle-closure attack prevents IOP elevation and blindness with less medication than LPI, study finds.

Phaco-related Macular Perfusion Culprit: Hyperemia

Increased light intensity stimulation of the retina after cataract removal was thought to be the cause.

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