Cataract Surgery

Coffee May Delay Cataract Onset

Caffeine intake prior to surgery significantly decreased UV -induced apoptosis of lens epithelial cells.

How to Keep Post-op Patients in Their Sclerals

A new refractive calculation technique may prevent the need for replacing lenses after cataract surgery.

Study Re-evaluates Cataract Surgery’s IOP-lowering Effect

Only expect 1mm Hg to 2mm Hg of improvement, unless the patient has ocular hypertension or a preoperative IOP ≥20.

Cataract Surgery May Reduce Risk of Angle-closure

For Chinese patients aged 70 and older, rates decreased remarkably as cataract surgery rates increased.

Corneal Guttae Influence Cataract Referral

This clinical finding can affect color vision and should prompt a surgical consult sooner rather than later.

Dementia Patients Fare Well with Cataract Surgery

Study finds these individuals are not at a higher risk for post-op complications.

Post-op AION Not Immediate

Study finds greater incidence in first year after cataract surgery, but not within first two months.

Stop the Drop?

Newer drug options are quickly making a name for themselves when it comes to post-op care.

Cataract Surgery May Lower Alzheimer’s Risk

The protective effect was strongest within the first five years post-op.

NSAIDs Improve Post-cataract Results

Dropless surgery, however, was less effective at controlling inflammation.

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