Cataract Surgery

Cataract Surgery Does Not Increase Risk for Late AMD

A report looking at data from AREDS2 showed no correlation between the two.

Smartphone Cataract Detection Model Reduces Variability

A newly proposed luminance-based strategy showed greater accuracy than the traditional color-based technique, research shows.

Cataracts Tied to Increased Risk of Vascular Mortality

Still, patients with this ocular condition didn’t appear to be more likely to die from cancer, respiratory or renal disease or Alzheimer’s, study finds.

Cataract Surgery Safe For AMD Patients

An analysis of human donor eyes found that the procedure doesn’t worsen disease status.

Slow Taper of Steroids Effective in Post-cataract Iritis

In some cases, adjuvant systemic anti-inflammatory therapy may be necessary, study suggests.

NSAID Monotherapy Recommended Day of Cataract Surgery

Study finds that a combination of these eye drops and prednisolone was not necessary, and neither was initiating treatment before the procedure.

Same-day Bilateral Cataract Surgery Patients More Likely to Recommend Procedure

Convenience was the leading reason patients chose the immediate option, while surgeon recommendation was the leading reason patients chose delayed.

Endophthalmitis Risk Higher Among Older Patients, Minorities

Further studies are needed to understand disparities in outcomes, research suggests.

Diabetic Cataract Patients May Benefit From the Laser

Because it uses less phaco energy than traditional surgery, FLACS may be a better option for this demographic, researchers suggest.

Video-based Decision Aids Effective in Cataract Surgery Consultation

Having patients view prerecorded clips that inform them of their options may help guide this process, researchers find.

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