Cataract Surgery

Practice Makes Perfect for Cataract Surgery

Surgeons with high case volume had improved VA outcomes and lower complication rates.

Cataract Care: Can a Carrot Replace the Scalpel?

Certain vitamins and carotenoids may significantly reduce risk, study says.

Early Cataract Surgery a No-go for Some Infants

The procedure may put them at high risk of post-lensectomy glaucoma.

Don’t Wait to Prescribe Glasses Post-cataract Surgery

Research shows vision stabilizes within two weeks.

Good Data on Blue Light-Filtering IOLs Still Elusive

Trials assessing association with macular health and/or visual function need robust redesign for better comparison and reporting.

Simulator Offers Patients Preoperative IOL Preview

A new technology offers a sample of life with multifocal lens implants.

FDA Recalls Raindrop Inlay

Agency pulls all unused implants due to the risk of corneal haze.

African-Americans at Elevated Risk for Post-cataract Uveitis

But it doesn’t seem to lead to worse visual outcomes, a new study finds.

Factors in IOL Calcification ID’d

Hydrophilic acrylic materials and the use of intraocular gas were noted.

Yes, Patient Education Videos Do Work

It’s an inexpensive, effective way to reduce anxiety and improve the overall experience.

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