Clinical Quandaries

RP Prognostication

Genetic testing can provide patients better perspective on how to handle this heritable disease.

Assuming the Worst

Careful observation and history taking is paramount when evaluating a swollen eyelid.

Suspicious Sector

When confronted with this distinctive pattern of injection, episcleritis isn’t always the correct diagnosis.

Secret Serum

Treating LASIK-induced dry eye requires restoration of the ocular surface.

Shingle Repair

Chronic, debilitating pain following herpes zoster must be managed promptly.

Keep it PG

These growths, seen in both children and adults, are often easily managed.

Out of Orbit

Prolapse of fat can disturb patients but may not be harmful.

Prescribing for Two

Be aware of the factors at play for pregnant diabetic women.

Up in Flames

Appropriate but aggressive therapy can make the difference.

Burn, Baby, Burn

It is essential to determine the nature of a chemical injury when faced with this ocular emergency.

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June 16, 2022

Establishing a Partnership in the Effective Management of Patients with Diabetic Retinal Disease
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