Researchers, recognizing the need for a quality of life (QoL) measurement tool with a specific emphasis on orthokeratology, recently developed one they feel can help clinicians better assess patients fit with not just ortho-K but also various other contact lenses modalities. After an extensive literature review the researchers presented a 45-item questionnaire to 234 study participants fit with ortho-K, soft lenses, gas permeable lenses or spectacles. The pilot review helped the clinicians hone the initial 45-item questionnaire down to 23 items.

Analysis revealed the final tool—scored on a 0 to 100 scale with higher scores indicating better QoL—demonstrated excellent psychometric properties and is capable of measuring vision-related QoL in patients fitted with various contact lenses modalities, including orthokeratology.

In addition to its promising performance, the researchers believe the tool’s online-only format provides several benefits. From a clinical standpoint, all questions can be set as mandatory, ensuring patients do not leave out valuable information. From the patient’s perspective, the online format adds convenience to the process, allowing them to complete the form on a tablet or smartphone in the office, or remotely before or after an appointment.

The questionnaire "displayed exceptional psychometric properties and is valid for use in clinical practice, clinical trials and research studies,” the researchers conclude. It has been developed with a specific emphasis on ortho-K "but is suitable for use in other contact lens modalities as well as spectacles.” 

McAlinden C, Lipson M. Orthokeratology and contact lens quality of life questionnaire (OCL-QoL). Eye Cont Lens. 2018;44(5):279-85.