Lab Equipment

The CMX50 Finer/Polisher, from Gerber Coburn, combines optimal processing times with pressures in accordance with your labs specified materials to de-liver precise lenses, the company says. You can process all lens materials, including hi-index and CR39 via two spindles.

The CMX50 features:
A built-in pad dispenser with removable bar that allows you to select either fining or polishing pads. This eliminates the need to choose pads from another location.

A work shelf that holds the job tray and houses the lens and lap wash pan.

To use the CMX50, place the lap with the appropriate pad on the lap table and the blocked lens in the compliant adapter. Lenses can be created using the right station, left station or both at the same time. The CMX50 accommodates the Gerber AcuBlock standard pin or the companys LOH surface blocks.

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Trace with Web Integration

VisionWeb has certified the Delta-Scan 3D as an approved device that lets you capture frame, pattern or lens shapes to send a prescription electronically through VisionWeb Essential, the VisionWeb ordering system, with an attached remote trace.

AIT created its own proprietary software that it provides free to any VisionWeb user who buys a Delta-Scan 3D to place orders on VisionWeb. You can use the software and device to send orders to any labs that are approved suppliers on the VisionWeb network, the company says. Call 1-800-729-1959, or go to or

Office Design
Free Catalog

The new Master Catalog, from Fashion Optical Displays, is a free, 132-page compendium of dispensary designs and furnishing collections. Among them are these new product lines:

The Oasis, Aspire and Paramount contemporary and traditional dispensary displays and furnishings

The Concorde Three-Point Frame Support Merchandising System.

Shadow Reduction Technology (SRT), which features frame display panels that make frames seem as if they are floating in mid-air.

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Exam Equipment
Visual Diagnostic System

The EPIC-5100 Vision Diagnostic System from Marco follows in the footsteps of the EPIC-2100, which was designed to carry out accurate and precise refractions and integrates electronically with Marcos automatic chart projector, refractors, and automatic or digital lensmeters to enable you or your staff to get instant readings from the automatic refractor and lensmeter, the company says. (Because the device gathers and holds this information, you can make immediate comparisons between a patients un-aided vision, an old prescription and a patients new prescription, Marco says.)

The Epic-5100 features a modern refractor head, a newly designed keypad that has a color touch screen and an adjustable monitor, a smaller footprint, an electric table, flash memory, intelligent cross cylinder and multiple near tests. It also features three contrast and glare testing modes, a one-touch toggle for quick refract sequence and built-in near reading card lights. The Epic-5100 communicates with most electronic medical records (EMR) companies, Marco says.

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Ocular Response Analyzer

The Ocular Response Analyzer, from Reichert Ophthalmic Instruments, provides direct measurement of corneal biomechanical properties. This new measurement, called corneal hysteresis (CH), indicates the overall integrity of the cornea and can be used to diagnose corneal disease and pre-screen refractive surgery patients, the company says. A second measurement, called IOPcc, correlates with Goldmann measure- ments on average, but is less affected by corneal properties, such as elasticity, resistance and thickness, the company says.

The device employs a rapid air pulse and an electro-optical system to record two applanation pressure measurements: one during corneal movement inward and the other as the cornea returns to its original configuration. The average of these applanation pressure measurements provides a repeatable Goldmann-correlated IOP value, Reichert says.

The Ocular Response Analyzer employs micropro-cessor-control technology and objective measurement criteria to eliminate operator variance. It also features a built-in ultrasound pachymeter and a patient management database.

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OCT Gets FDA Nod

The SL-OCT, from Heidelberg Engineering GmbH, received FDA clearance in February as an optical coherence tomography instrument for cross-sectional anterior segment imaging. The device, which is mounted on a slit lamp, provides non-contact cross-sectional scans of the anterior segment, chamber angle, pachymetry, flap thickness, corneal curvature and biometric measurements. It also provides pre- and post-surgical comparisons.

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Digital Fundus Camera

The Non-Myd 7 digital fundus camera, from Kowa, is capable of 6.1 mega-pixels of high-resolution photography. The camera offers image storage, 45 and 20 angles and three internal fixation target positions. It can be used with the companys VK-2 digital imaging system, Kowa says.

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Contact Lenses
Acuvue Oasys Parameter Expansion

Acuvue Oasys with Hydraclear Plus, from Vistakon, is now available in 15 expanded parameters, including +0.50 to +4.00D (0.25 steps). The lens comes in an 8.4mm base curve and a 14.0mm diameter.

Acuvue Oasys is designed for contact lens wearers who often experience tired and dry eyes following long hours of computer use, frequent travel and exposure to dry, windy environments. The lens features senofilcon A, a silicone hydrogel material, and an improved formulation of the companys patented Hydraclear technology. It blocks 96% of UVA and 99% of UVB rays.

Acuvue Oasys comes in a six-pack. It is indicated for daily wear, and the FDA recently approved it for extended wear up to six consecutive nights/seven days.

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Silicone Hydrogel Multifocal

The PureVision Multi-Focal, from Bausch & Lomb, combines the companys Soflens multi-focal design with a wide intermediate power profile. This allows for incremental power variance across the optic zone for clear, crisp vision at all distances, the company says.

The PureVision Multi-Focal combines the companys balafilcon A and AerGel silicone hydrogel materials and features a visibility tint and a patented rounded-edge design to help reduce lens awareness. It comes in an 8.6mm base curve, 14.0mm diameter and powers +6.00D to -10.00D (0.25D steps). PureVision Multi-Focal is indicated for daily or extended wear for up to 30 days and is to be replaced monthly. The lens is available in a six-pack.

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One-Day Color Contact Lens

CIBA Visions FreshLook One-Day color contact lenses feature the companys LightStream technology used to create CIBA Visions Focus Dailies lenses. Lightstream Technology is a fast, efficient contact lens manufacturing process that allows the lenses to be less costly to produce and thus more affordable for patients, the company says.

The lenses are made of nelfilcon A and come in colors pure hazel, blue, green and gray. They are available in an 8.6mm base curve, 13.8mm diameter and powers -0.50D to -6.00D (0.25D steps) and plano. The lenses are sold in 10-packs. Call 1-800-241-5999, or go to

Keratoconus Lens
The IKone bi-aspheric keratoconus lens, from Valley Contax, is indicated for patients who have keratoconus-induced acuity and centration problems.

The lens is made of Bausch & Lombs Boston XO material and features an aspheric front; a custom base curve; standard-size diameters of 8.8mm, 9.6mm and 10.4mm; and custom power ranges. The IKone is available with prism. The standard design is flexible so you can modify the diameter, base curve, power, optic zone and edge lift during the fitting process, the company says. A 14-lens fitting set has a base curve range of 44.00D to 70.00D (2.00D steps). Each lens in the set has a 9.6mm diameter.

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Contact Lens Care
One-Step System

The One-Step system, from Sauflon, is a preservative-free, multi-action peroxide, cleaning and disinfecting solution for soft contact lenses. The solution combines a non-ionic cleaner with hydrogen peroxide to disinfect and lubricate for the wearers comfort, the company says.

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Practice Management
Dovie Cards

Gulden Ophthalmics introduces two Dovie card sets. Both card sets are pocket-sized, double-sided and color-coded.

The Dovie Ophthalmic Drug Card set contains more than 65 of the most commonly used ophthalmic drugs, with information on the manufacturers, available sizes, strengths, typical dosage and pediatric dosing. The set also has information on some oral medications and the mechanism of action of some medications. These cards are categorized by diagnoses for quick reference.

The Dovie Peds and Pupils Card set outlines the 11 most common binocular vision disorders and the clinical exam findings associated with them. This card set includes information on binocular vision and accommodative testing, normal/expected values for several common pediatric/binocular vision disorders, a reference guide that shows how to test and confirm diagnosis on many common pupillary anomalies and the ICD-9 billing codes associated with them.

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Ophthalmic Lenses
AR Coating

Crizal Alize with Clear Guard, from Essilor of America, has a hydrophobic coating that allows water and oil to roll off the lens. The lens features the same technology used in plasma-screen televisions to add an integrated anti-particulate layer in the coating. These features keep the lens clean and make it less likely to scratch, the company says.

Crizal Alize with Clear Guard currently is available exclusively on the companys Varilux Ipseo and Varilux Physio 360 lenses and will be available nationally at a future date, the company says.

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Frames from Luxottica

The Luxottica Group introduces these new frames:

PR15GV, a Prada womens frame made of zyl plastic in an elongated rectangle shape. It comes in sizes 51/16/135 and 53/16/135 and colors black, olive/moss, brown/demiblonde and plum/aqua.

DK1512, a Donna Karan womens frame made of zyl plastic in a rounded rectangular shape. It comes in sizes 50/16/135 and 52/16/135 and colors black, tortoise and plum ribbon.

CH3095B, a Chanel womens frame made of zyl plastic in a hard rectangle shape. It comes in sizes 49/16/135 and 51/16/135 and colors black, tortoise, smoke/sienna, teal fade/black and red fade/black.

FE2609B, which is a Salvatore Ferragamo womens frame made of zyl plastic in an oval shape. It comes in sizes 51/16/135 and 53/16/135 and colors red shimmer, dark berry, tiger/white and black/pink.

Style FE2609B from Salvatore Ferragamo

DY4519, a DKNY unisex frame made of plastic and metal temples in a rounded rectangular shape. It comes in sizes 49/17/135 and 51/17/135 and colors black, crystal and dark tortoise.

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Savvy Eyewear from Viva International
Viva International Group introduces three frames from Savvy Eyewears Polished Metal grouping for men.

Savvy 273, which has a semi-rimless soft square shape. It comes in size 51/19/145 and colors black, burgundy and light brown.

Savvy 274, which has a small rectangle shape. It comes in sizes 49/19/140 and 51/19/145 and colors blue, burgundy and light brown.

Savvy 275, which has an oval shape. It comes in sizes 48/19/140 and 50/19/145 and colors blue, brown and gunmetal.

Styles 273, 274, and 275

These styles feature subtle detailing on the end pieces and plastic temple tips. Call 1-800-345-8482, or go to

Viva Eyewear from Viva International
Viva International Group introduces three new frames from Viva Eyewears Ladies Night plastic grouping:

214, which has a modified oval shape. It comes in sizes 51/14/130 and 53/14/135 and colors pink, blue and brown.

215, which has a muffin shape. It comes in sizes 51/14/130 and 53/14/135 and colors brown, lavender and pink.

216, which has a pillow shape. It comes in sizes 52/16/130 and 54/16/135 and colors blue, lavender and pink.

Styles 214, 215, and 216

These styles feature an open-work metal twist endpiece. Call 1-800-345-8482, or go to

Harley-Davidson from Viva International
Viva International introduces three new frames from Harley-Davidson Performance Eyewears Big and Tall grouping for men:

HD 225, which is made of metal and has a square shape. It comes in sizes 51/18/145 and 54/18/145 and in colors antique gun, brown and gunmetal.

HD 226, which is made of metal and has a semi-rimless modified square shape. It comes in size 54/19/145 and in colors black, gunmetal and navy.

HD 227, which is made of metal and has a modified square shape. It comes in sizes 51/19/145 and 53/19/145 and in colors antique blue, antique brown and satin black.

Styles 225, 226, and 227

All three styles feature the Harley-Davidson logo on the temple.

Call, 1-800-345-8482, or go to

Guess from Viva International
Viva International Group introduces two new monel metal/handmade plastic womens styles from Guess? Inc.:

GU 1392, which has a bow shape, and GU 1393, which has a geometric oval shape. The GU 1392 comes in colors brown, red and purple. The GU 1393 comes in colors tortoise, blue and green. Both styles come in size 51/16/140 and feature the Guess? G logo on both temples.

Styles 1392 and 1393

Call 1-800-345-8482, or go to

Jill Stuart from Eyewear Designs LTD
Eyewear Designs LTD introduces six new womens frames from Jill Stewart. All styles have rhinestone on the temple tips:

JS 154, which is made of plastic and has a modified rectangle shape. It comes in sizes 48/16/130 and 50/16/135 and colors brown, garnet and dark purple.

Style 154

JS 155 and JS 156, which are both made of cellulose ace-tate and have a modified rectangle shape. The JS 155 comes in sizes 48/16/125 and 50/16/130. The JS 156 comes in sizes 48/17/125 and 50/17/130. Both come in colors honey, black and purple.

JS 157, which is made of acetate and has a modified rectangle shape. It comes in sizes 52/14/125 and 54/14/130 and in colors maize (a medium brown with yellow and black tones), blueberry and hot pink.

JS 158, which is made of metal and plastic and has a rectangle shape. It comes in sizes 48/17/130 and 50/17/135 and colors brown, blush (a pink and bronze combo), brown and lilac.

JS 159, which is made of acetate and has a rectangular shape. It comes in sizes 49/16/125 and 50/16/130 and colors black, brown and rose.

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