Diagnostic Technology

The Reichert 7CR Auto Tonometer + Corneal Response Technology features the company’s proprietary corneal compensated IOP (IOPcc), which allows the IOP measurement to be taken without a detrimental affect from the cornea.
The 7CR incorporates the company’s bi-directional applanation technology, also seen in the Ocular Response Analyzer, to take an IOPcc measurement. Call 1-888-849-8955, or go to www.reichert.com.

Lens-Free Ophthalmoscope
The Optyse Lens-Free Ophthalmoscope, from Oasis Medical, provides a clear view of the retina and requires no lens adjustments. The instrument allows the user to view the posterior pole, disc and macula, as well as to detect smaller lesions. Magnification and field are comparable to those of a standard direct ophthalmoscope. This lightweight, pen-sized device can be carried in a pocket. It operates on two AAA batteries. Call 1-800-528-9786, or go to www.oasismedical.com.

Task Vision Loupe
The Task-Vision Loupe, from Tech Optics International, is a focusable loupe with a three-inch wide-field view. The coated lenses offer 2.5x magnification and a focusable working distance of between 10 to 17 inches. Both telescopes, papillary distance and nose pads are easy to adjust. The Task-Vision Loupe comes with an adjustable head strap, soft case with strap and belt loop, soft rubber eye cups and instructions. Call 1-800-OPTICS-7 or go to www.techopticsinternational.com.

Ophthalmic Lenses
Polarized Lenses

New iZon SL Polarized Lenses, from Ophthonix, provide wearers with high-definition vision in sunlight glare from water, land, ice or snow. These lenses are designed for wearers who enjoy year-round daytime outdoor activities, and they can even assist wearers in reduced-contrast conditions. The iZon lens is customized to the patient’s iPrint and aims to negate all second- to sixth-order aberrations of the eye. The iZon SL Polarized Lens is 1.6 index material and includes scratch-resistant, anti-reflective and super-hydrophobic coatings. It is available in gray and brown tints for both single-vision lenses and PALs. Call 1-877-FOR-IZON, or go to www.izonlens.com.

Accommodating IOL

The Crystalens AO, from Bausch & Lomb, is an aberration-free accommodating IOL that uses aspheric optics. The lens’ prolate aspheric surfaces are designed to be free of spherical aberration, to improve retinal image quality without compromising depth of field and to provide greater quality of distance and intermediate vision. The lens is made from the company’s proprietary biosil silicone and has a thin, uninterrupted barrier edge. It is inserted with the CI-28 injector in a controlled manner through an un-enlarged phaco incision. Call 1-877-SEE-BETTER, or go to www.crystalens.com.

Post-Operative Eyewear
LightGuard, from Live Eyewear, is a wraparound protective sunglass that offers scratch resistance, anti-fog properties and UV-400 protection. It is designed to protect from UV rays, reduce glare and minimize direct air flow to protect eyes post-surgery. Call 1-800-834-2563, or go to www.liveeyewear.com.

Practice Management
Business Planner

The “Soft Contact Lens Business Review” from ABB Concise, is a complimentary resource provided by ABB Concise consultants for clients. This contact lens business analysis serves as a tool to help gauge where the practice falls in comparison to other practices on a number of key indicators. The resulting data can help a practitioner better manage the contact lens aspect of the practice and set contact lens retail pricing. Call 1-800-852-8089, or go to www.abbconcise.com.

Dry Eye
Therapeutic Spray

Tears Again advanced Liposome Spray, from OcuSoft, is a refreshing eyelid spray that contains antioxidants and vitamins A, C and E. It is applied to the lids when the eyes are closed. The liposomes in the formula enhance absorption of the other nutrients and lubricate the eye against loss of moisture. Call 1-800-233-5469 or go to www.ocusoft.com.

What's New on the Web
Neutraceutical Webinars
Nordic Naturals present monthly webinars with educator Stuart Tomc, C.N.H.P., on the importance of omega-3 fatty acids and public health initiatives. These monthly, live, hour-long webinars are free of charge and open to all attendees. The next is February 24, “Fish Oil: The Key to Optimum Heart Health,” and following that is “An Insight into Eye Health” on March 24. All webinars begin at 8:00am PST. Registration at https://nordicnaturals.ilinc.com/ is required. Call 1-800-662-2544 or go to www.nordicnaturals.com.

There's an App for That
Smartphone Educational Resource

The Academy for Eyecare Excellence, organized by CIBA Vision, now features new online learning modules and a free app for iPhone users. Each of the 11 new modules take about 40 minutes to complete and cover topics ranging from ocular anatomy to multifocal soft lenses. Courses are for both eye care practitioners and staff members. The free app allows iPhone users to access tools and education from the Academy for Eyecare Excellence from their phones. Go to www.cibavisionacademy.com.

Office Design
Collection Expansion
Fashion Optical Displays has expanded its original line of Legacy furnishings to include a wider variety of display options. Now available are several low-profile wall displays and credenzas that both complement the built-in look of the original line and fit into tight corners, smaller spaces and slimmer budgets. Wall displays are offered in several widths, and these all feature the company’s Concorde frame-support system. Islands, dispensing stations and showcase ensembles complete the look. Furnishings are available in dark mahogany or cherry hardwood with a natural finish. Call 1-800-824-4106, or go to www.fashionoptical.com.

Calvin Klein by Marchon

Marchon introduces the 2010 eyewear collection by Calvin Klein. It features classic shapes, modern accents and translucent colors that all combine classic precision with modern ingenuity.

The collection includes:

• CK7218S, a men’s modified naviator in zyl and metal. This frame features a diamond cut accent and engraved logo treatment. It is available in size 64/14-130 and colors gunmetal, tobacco and espresso.

• CK7227, a unisex half-rimmed rectangular metal frame. This style features a subtle grid pattern on the temples. It is available in sizes 51/18-135 and 53/18-140, and in colors black, brushed gun, coffee and brushed slate.

• CK7245, a women’s full-rimmed pillowed rectangular metal and zyl frame. Metallic tones reflect through the zyl to create rich patterns. This frame is available in sizes 50/16-135 and 52/16-135, and in colors black, brown, mauve oak and bronze.

• CK7757, a unisex metal and zyl soft rectangular frame. It is available in size 51/18-140 and in colors black, brown blue and brown plum.

• CK7752S, a women’s modified oval frame that features a negative space logo on the temples. This style is offered in size 58/16-135 and colors black, Havana, brown amethyst and ruby marble.

• CK7761S, a classic men’s pilot frame. Made of smoked zyl, it is available in 58/18-140 and in colors black, fog and crystal.

Call 1-800-645-1300, or go to www.marchon.com.

Emilio Pucci by Marchon
Marchon introduces the 2010 women’s eyewear collection by Emilio Pucci. This zyl and metal line of frames highlights timeless prints, vintage shapes, sculpted metal and fluid waves of color and material. Thin, tubular temples are wrapped in prints.

The collection includes:

• EP637S, a butterfly-like soft square frame that features beveled edges and translucent print treatments. A metal Pucci logo is inlayed at the temples. This frame is available in size 58/18-125 and in colors tar, dark gray, Capri blue and oxblood.

• EP643S, a vintage square frame emphasized by vibrant Pucci prints on metal plaque treatments. The logo is silkscreened over temple colors of tar, white, café, midnight blue and violet. The frame comes in size 58/19-135.

• EP651S, a bold square frame that contains transferred prints between polished metal caps. This frame is available in ebony, bone white, chestnut, violet and sangria. It comes in size 59/17-130.

• EP111S, a modified oval frame that recreates the iconic Pucci Vivara print through a foil treatment on the temples. This frame is available in size 58/17-125 and in colors palladium, silver, dark ruthenium, roselite and golden beauty.

• EP113S, a pillowed square frame that features the Pucci Medallion design. The twin medallions serve as a base for a solid metal logo treatment and are backed by the colorful prints of the temples. This frame comes in size 62/15-130 and in colors palladium, silver, platinum and golden beauty.

• EP114S, a modified round frame with floating lenses. This frame features Pucci’s Knot design as a temple hinge treatment, and the logo is laser-etched onto the temple. This frame is offered in size 59/13-125 and in colors gunmetal, orchid and golden beauty.

• EP116S, a classic aviator that features bursts of color and wrapped patterns on the temples. This frame comes in size 60/12-130 and in colors ebony, palladium, white, orchid, rouge and golden beauty.

• EP2625, a butterfly-like, pillowed square frame. This style features subtle prints under solid colors tar, dark gray, Capri blue and oxblood. It comes in 53/14-135.

• EP2629, a cat-eye frame that features bright prints on the temples, as well as a bold logo engraving. This frame is available in size 52/16-135 and in colors tar, chestnut, celery and turquoise.

Call 1-800-645-1300, or go to www.marchon.com.

Costa del Mar
Costa del Mar introduces its newest frame, Bomba. Intended for avid outdoorsmen, this wraparound sunglass features updated side lenses to enhance peripheral vision. The unisex sunglass is sized for medium to large faces, and it is made out of nylon. It is available in colors black and tortoise. Call 1-800-446-3700, or go to www.costadelmar.com.