Confused by scleral lens jargon? If so, you’re not alone. With no current scleral lens standards, a handful of optometrists sought to provide lens fitting and manufacturing definitions to improve uniformity between manufacturers and lens handlers, according to a new report.

A committee of 12 advanced scleral lens clinicians used a literature review to help them develop a list of terms related to scleral lens fitting and manufacturing. After experts in the field were consulted to validate the terms and their suggested definitions, a final version was adopted by the Scleral Lens Education Society at the end of last year.

The original team behind this undertaking, led by Langis Michaud, OD, MSc, provided the definition of a scleral lens, addressed the general terminology habitually applied to scleral lenses and described terms specifically used when fitting and manufacturing scleral lenses. They then made recommendations to manufacturers about the essential elements eye care practitioners need to help them understand the lens design and customize their fit.

 “A common language is key to advancing the science and clinical practice of scleral lens fitting,” they concluded in their paper on the effort. “The current terminology will help standardize this field, helping eyecare practitioners, educators, speakers and manufacturers to talk with the same language.”

"I am very proud of this article because it sets the standard for the scleral lens industry," Dr. Michaud says. "From now, hopefully, every stakeholder will speak the same language for a better understanding. It also highlights the evolution of the field in the past years. Now as an evolved market, scleral lenses should rely on an official terminology."

Michaud L, Lipson M, Kramer E, et al. The official guide to scleral lens terminology. Cont Lens Anterior Eye. September 25, 2019. [Epub ahead of print].