Amp Up Your Sunglasses Game

A new ocular UV index shows that the greatest sun exposure occurs at different times and seasons.

Non-White Participants Underrepresented in Clinical Trials

In studies leading to ophthalmology drug approvals, the racial/ethnic makeup of enrollees didn’t match that of the population or the expected disease burden.

Disparities in Eye Care Access Persist in Underserved Populations

Financial, logistical and awareness barriers were the most commonly cited reasons for underutilization.

Relatives of Glaucoma Patients Are Underscreened

Distance from the site and associated indirect costs kept many in South India from visiting a clinic.

How Red Wine Helps Combat Eye Disease

Known to benefit cardiovascular issues, resveratrol is also getting good marks in glaucoma, AMD and cataract.

Conflict of Interest Disclosures in Med Journals Draw Criticism

One in five authors had a COI and most weren’t noted in the respective studies.

Binocular Therapy Met with Skepticism

Smaller cases revealed more promising results, but two large and rigorous trials showed inferior performance.

Biologics: A Rising Drug Class for Non-infectious Ocular Inflammation

Two studies suggest beneficial outcomes for treating uveitis.

Science Gives Mice Infrared Sight

An injection allowed them to convert infrared light into green light, creating a biological approximation of night vision goggles.

CBD Won’t Reduce IOP

The trendy marijuana derivative may actually cancel out benefits of THC.

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