Progress Towards a Consensus on Conjunctivitis

Better research methodology and standardized protocols are needed to ensure high quality recommendations, review study says.

Cannabis Shown to Alter the Accommodation Process

Users experience slower, less precise reactions, researchers suggest.

High Altitude, Tobacco Intake Associated With Visual Impairment

Education level and coffee consumption also played a role in ocular disease, researchers find.

Dementia More Common in Visually Impaired Individuals

Worse visual acuity was also associated with greater risk of incidence, suggesting that slowing VI progression could delay onset.

Caffeine Enhances Dynamic Visual Acuity

The much-beloved psychostimulant has a number of enhancing effects on motion perception, alertness and reaction times.

SD-OCT and FAF Biomarkers Help Quantify GA Progression

Hyperreflective foci concentration, subretinal drusenoid deposits and certain imaging patterns were all associated with lesion enlargement, study finds.

Time of Year Influences IOP Level

Study shows pressure was highest around December and January and lowest around August and September.

Lab-grown Brains Show Rudimentary Eye Development

Stem cell–derived organoids treated with vitamin A spontaneously grew little optic cups.

Visually Impaired Patients May Undergo Less Medical Care

These individuals spent about $1,500 less on treatment and had three fewer non-ophthalmic outpatient visits vs. those with other disabilities, study finds.

Toric Lens Correction Not Much Help in Amblyopia

Study finds children do not benefit from wearing glasses with higher amounts of astigmatism or who were younger at diagnosis.

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