Study Says Corticosteroids Not Linked to Cataracts in Severe Anterior Uveitis

In cases with grade 1+ cells, any dose can be used without increasing risk already present from the inflammation itself.

Retinal Vessel Diameters Correlate to Uveitis Activity

Dilation increased in inflamed eyes but regressed when the disease became inactive.

Proptosis, Diplopia Key Drivers of Low QoL in Thyroid Eye Disease

Explains one study, the scores for moderate to severe cases are similar or worse than conditions like blindness and uveitis.

First Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine Increases Risk of Uveitis Flare

This finding was more prevalent among those with previous recurrence and chronic uveitis, study finds.

Revisit a Steroid Alternative

Acthar Gel, an injectable therapy that activates melanocortin pathways, may be a saving grace for some of your patients.

OCT Scans Useful in Grading Posterior Segment Inflammation

The findings also revealed that vitreous cell density is correlated with inflammation clinical grading.

Non-infectious Uveitis, Scleritis Risk Tied to Vitamin D3 Deficiency

Supplementation is a cost-effective way to cut the chance of developing these conditions by about half.

Immunomodulatory Therapy Needed to Treat Pediatric Anterior Uveitis

Study shows early use is key to reducing complications and improving visual outcomes.

Uveitic Macular Edema Associated with Higher Costs

These patients tend to deal with more expenses related to medications and follow-ups.

Two Biomarkers Point Toward Uveitis Treatment Response

Ellipsoid zone integrity and the presence of central subfield cystoid spaces or subretinal fluid served as effective predictors in noninfectious cases, researchers suggest.

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