Contact Lens Care

Biotrue, from Bausch + Lomb, is a multipurpose solution inspired “by the biology of your eyes” to help lenses stay clean and wet throughout the day, says the company. The solution is pH balanced to match healthy tears, includes hyaluronan, and helps to prevent lysozyme denaturization (which maintains the protein’s antimicrobial activity). Biotrue is for soft contact lenses, including silicone hydrogel lenses. Call 1-800-553-5340, or go to

Dry Eye Therapy
Beads, by Eye Eco, are “thermoeyes” gel packs that boost the intensity and duration of Tranquileyes moist heat treatment. These microwaveable packs are inserted into Tranquileyes goggles for use in 15-minute sessions. Similarly, Beads can be placed in the freezer for use as a cold compress in cases of lid puffiness and inflammation. Beads are made from glycerin and water, and each pack provides approximately 50 heat treatments. Call 1-888-730-7999, or go to

IOP Reduction

Neptazane, from Fera Pharmaceuticals, are methazolamide tablets for the reduction of intraocular pressure. These tablets come in 90-count bottles and are available in 25mg and 50mg strengths. Neptazane is indicated in the treatment of ocular conditions where lowering IOP is likely to be of therapeutic benefit—e.g., chronic open-angle glaucoma, secondary glaucoma and preoperatively. It is contraindicated in cases of low sodium and/or potassium serum levels, marked kidney or liver disease or dysfunction, adrenal gland failure and hyperchloremic acidosis. In patients with cirrhosis, usage may lead to hepatic encephalopathy, and long-term usage is contraindicated in patients with angle-closure glaucoma because the angle may close in spite of lower IOP. Call (414) 434-6604 or go to

Diagnostic Technology
Portable Ophthalmoscope

The Pocket Ophthalmoscope, from Gulden Ophthalmics, includes no lenses or filter wheels. It can be used for accurate central fundus evaluation, says the company, and it can be carried by the eye care professional to be used as needed. The user turns on the light of the ophthalmoscope and holds it up to the eye—the patient’s own cornea and lens focus the light and provide a magnified view of the back of the eye—specifically, the optic disc and macula. The ophthalmoscope comes in a slip-in case and requires two AAA batteries. It contains a miniature 2.5 volt lamp. Call (215) 884-8105, or go to

Patient Education
Spanish Language Brochure

El Sol Y Sus Ojos: Lo Que Ud. Necesita Saber is the Spanish-language version of HealthyWomen’s The Sun and Your Eyes: What You Need to Know, from its “Fast Facts for Your Health” brochure series, which was developed with the support of Vistakon. This brochure offers women guidance on sunglasses selection and information on UV-blocking contact lenses. View and download the brochure at It is free to eye care professionals.

Ophthalmic Lenses
Lens Standard Update

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has published a series of updates to the Z80.1 standard for prescription spectacle lenses: Z80.1-2010. These changes are designed to increase the durability and quality of lenses. The update includes:

• Measurement of transmission power. Measurement is now reverting to the sphere and cylinder method without a change in tolerances, as opposed to the method adopted in 1995, which based results on the meridian of the highest power.
• Use of compensated power. Use of compensated power for the as-worn position has been expanded to include both distance power and add power.
• Lens durability. Two new ISO standards resulted in this update: specifications and test methods for anti-reflective coatings (ISO 8980-4) and minimum requirements for abrasion-resistant spectacle lenses (ISO 8989-5). AR standards now test the lens for delamination after rubbing, humidity and UV radiation. The minimum requirement for abrasion resistance applies to the lens only if the vendor makes a claim regarding this feature.

For the full text of the updates, go to

Premium Lenses
Crizal Sapphire lenses with Scotchgard Protector, from Essilor of America, resist glare, scratching and smudging. The lenses feature Essilor’s proprietary enhanced light transmission (ELT) system, which aims to maximize light transmission through the lens by reducing glare and visible reflection further. So, these lenses have 50% less reflection than Essilor’s other premium lens, Crizal Avancé with Scotchgard Protector, the company says. The lens’ scratch resistance is due to the proprietary SR Booster layer, and its cleanability is thanks to its High Surface Density process, which achieves a contact angle of 116º. Call 1-800-THE-EYES (1-800-843-3937) or go to

Patient Care

EyePromise, a line of nutraceuticals from ZeaVision, are intended to rapidly increase macular pigment density in the eye. EyePromise Ten and EyePromise Restore, both included in this line, contain the same 2:1 ratio of zeaxanthin and lutein as is found in the healthy human eye. Call (856) 833-2800, or go to for more.

Contact Lenses
Lens Promotion

SofLens daily disposable contact lenses are being promoted by Bausch + Lomb with a contest in affiliation with actress Marcia Gay Harden. This “Seeing Eye to Eye” contest invites parents with kids between the ages of 10 and 19 to submit a story of 200 words or less before August 27, 2010. Submissions can cover any topic, and the grand prize winner will receive a $5,000 scholarship and a trip to attend the American Music Awards in Los Angeles, including airfare and hotel accommodations. Entries will be judged on relevance and creativity. For more, go to or to

Custom Contact Lenses
The Phoenix Program, from Alden Optical, is intended to provide a solution for practitioners and patients when a preferred soft sphere brand is discontinued. In the Phoenix Program, Alden’s custom manufacturing facilities, broad parameter capabilities and material availabilities allow the company to offer lenses that are close substitutes to many discontinued lenses. For example, Alden Optical offers lenses in polymacon, methafilcon, Benz 3X and Benx 5X in any base curve/diameter combination, with spherical powers of +/-30.00D. Practitioners need to call Alden or an authorized distributor with the patient’s current Rx, brand and specifications, and the company says that it can custom manufacture a very close replacement and ship it within two business days. Call 1-800-253-3669, or go to

Low Vision

Tech-Optics International presents a new line of Metco frames in contemporary colors. These frames are designed for prismatic, lenticulars and high-plus lenses. They are available in ebony, coffee, burgundy, gunmetal blue, platinum and gold. For more information and a catalog, call 1-800-OPTICS-7 (1-800-678-4277), or go to

What's New on the Web
Social Media Support is offering Facebook fans topics for their own Facebook pages and other social media outlets. is posting regular updates and news on its Facebook wall that doctors can pass along to their own fans and followers. This initiative is intended to help doctors communicate with patients about relevant topics and news. Go to

Patient Education
OcuSoft introduces two new product websites. The site for Tears Again Hydrate provides easily accessible information and resources about the prescription product, and the website also features improved graphics, navigation, functionality and user appeal. It also teaches patients about dry eye and nutrition’s role in managing the condition, and the site includes a list of FAQs about both the condition and the supplement. Go to The site for Tears Again Advanced Liposome Spray provides information about the product to patients, answers to questions about meibomian gland dysfunction and related ocular conditions. The site also links up visitors with eye care practitioners who dispense the product. Go to

Low Vision Device Store
Lighthouse International now offers its comprehensive selection of low-vision products for home, office and travel online. The store includes talking products, large-faced watches, large-button electronic devices, closed-circuit televisions and handheld readers. The store also offers canes, Braille watches, Braille playing cards, a talking color identifier, and other products for patients who are blind or visually impaired. Proceeds benefit Lighthouse International’s non-profit mission to fight vision loss through prevention, treatment and empowerment. Go to