A New Partnership

Addition Technology, Inc., has announced a partnership with Swiss-based Sensimed AG, developer of the Sensimed Triggerfish, a contact lens for monitoring continuously the fluctuations in intraocular pressure. By providing eye care practitioners with a 24-hour profile of intraocular pressure, the Triggerfish lens helps the doctor to better understand the condition of the patient, to provide personalized treatment, and to monitor the efficacy of the treatment over time.

Under the partnership, Addition Technology will begin rolling out the state-of-the-art glaucoma monitoring system in Latin America, which is one of the regions in the world with the highest incidence of glaucoma.
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Reminder Tool

According to a new survey of contact lens wearers, Acuminder (Vistakon), a complimentary online reminder tool, is helping patients replace their lenses on time. Nearly 700 users recently responded to a questionnaire about their contact lens wearing habits. Virtually all said they find the reminder tool useful in helping them remember when to change their lenses, with two-thirds (66%) noting that it has improved their contact lens replacement. Prior to enrolling in Acuminder, 40% of survey respondents who wear two-week lenses self-reported that they changed their lenses at or less than every 14 days. Since using the reminder, 76% say they now change their lenses at or less than every 14 days.
This free service sends an automatic reminder via e-mail and/or cell phone text message on when to change contact lenses. Acuminder can now also prompt wearers on when to buy new contact lenses and when to schedule an eye exam.
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Customizable Contact Lens

C-VUE Advanced HydraVUE from Unilens Vision Inc. is a new line of silicone hydrogel custom contact lenses for monthly replacement. These lenses incorporate Toric Multifocal and Multifocal designs and made-to-order Custom Toric and Single Vision options. This technology allows the eye care professional to specify the exact add power (for near vision) and zone size. All four monthly replacement lens options are completely customizable and feature a risk-free trial program and advanced silicone hydrogel material.
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CLs for Irregular Corneas
Bausch + Lomb entered into a global licensing agreement with U.K.-based UltraVision CLPL to market and sell KeraSoft soft contact lenses throughout the world, through the network of Bausch + Lomb lab channel partners. KeraSoft patented technology allows for custom-made contact lenses for irregular corneas and keratoconus. As part of the agreement, Bausch + Lomb acquired the KeraSoft trademark. Each KeraSoft contact lens is custom made for the patient’s needs, making it an ideal fit for manufacture and distribution through the Bausch + Lomb custom lab channel network. Traditionally, patients with irregular corneas have been limited to hard or rigid gas permeable lenses.
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HD Progressive Lens

Super Systems Optical Technologies introduces ADDvantage HD, a new high definition progressive lens. This lens offers the performance of free form lenses and the convenience and cost savings of producing them ‘in-office’ on the Fast Grind system. ADDvantage has been digitally enhanced to create visual comfort by eliminating distortion in the distance vision while providing a smooth progression through the intermediate into a generous reading area, the company says. ADDvantage is available in a regular corridor design with fitting heights of 18mm and above. It is also available in a short design with fitting heights of 14mm and above. The materials are plastic or photochromic. Lenses are also available with an optional premium AR coating.
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Magnification Desk Lamp
The Task-Vision Desk lamp from Tech Optics International has a five-inch glass lens and features 22-watt color correct circular fluorescent illumination. The pillar style with tilt allows viewing objects at any angle. Tech Optics International only sells to the eye care professional, low vision centers, optical wholesaler and government agencies. For more information call (800) 678-4277 or visit


TheraTears Nutrition from Advanced Vision Research, Inc. is an omega-3 dietary supplement containing two types of omega-3 fatty acids, pharmaceutical-grade, molecularly distilled, mercury-free fish oil (450mg of EPA, 300mg of DHA) and organically-grown, lignan-free flaxseed oil (1000mg), as well as 183 IU of vitamin E. Results from a pilot trial of dry eye patients taking TheraTears Nutrition demonstrated a reduction in dry eye symptoms and an increase in tear volume and tear flow. In the study, published in the journal Cornea, symptomatic dry eye patients received the omega-3 supplement, and 70% reported having no symptoms of dry eye after 90 days, as measured by a validated test called the Ocular Surface Disease Index. In the placebo group, only 7% had a complete reduction of symptoms. The study also demonstrated that supplementation with TheraTears Nutrition, when compared to placebo, resulted in 1.68mm higher tear flow and 0.10 μL/min higher tear volume.
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Diagnostic Tools

Ellex has entered the optometric market with two new diagnostic products for screening, evaluation and diagnosis of AMD. Featuring fully automated operation, DRS is used for non-mydriatic, digital retinal imaging. The system senses the patient, self-aligns to the target eye, focuses the retina, adjusts the flash level and captures the image—all in less than 30 seconds. It features a compact, ergonomic design, a low-power flash and an touch-screen interface.

MAIA is the latest development in macular function testing. Incorporating unique Fundus Perimetry, this tool accurately measures macular sensitivity, fixation stability and the point of fixation. In addition, the system’s eye-tracker provides quantitative analysis of the patient’s fixation in terms of stability and location. MAIA also comes equipped with threshold sensitivity analysis software, enabling it to process the measured data and evaluate macular function as compared with a reference database of normal subjects. The system incorporates a Line Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope (SLO) to capture detailed confocal images of the retina.
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Enhanced Wavefront System
OPD-Scan III is the latest 3D Wavefront system from Nidek and Marco. This device combines autorefraction/keratometry, pupillometry, corneal topography, optical path difference (OPD), and Wavefront analysis into one diagnostic workstation. The new OPD-Scan III is a refractive power/corneal analyzer that can evaluate a patient’s total visual system. The device’s new features include ARK function automation, WF Visual Acuity Maps, a full 9.0mm measurement area, CT blue light (1.0 sec.) and EMR/EHR integration.

In 10 seconds the OPD-Scan III can capture:
· SA Cornea for Aspheric IOL selection
· Lenticular – residual astigmatism
· Angle Kappa
· Pre/Post Toric IOL measurements
· Pathologies (Keratoconus, Pellucid)
· Mesopic/photopic pupil size
· Retro illumination image
· Zernike Graphs: total, cornea, internal
· Corneal Refractive Power map
· IOL tilt or decentration
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Puralube from Fera Pharmaceuticals is a preservative-free ophthalmic ointment indicated for relieving symptoms of dry eye. Fera is launching Puralube in a 3.5g tube, as well as a carton of 20 1g tubes.
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Twin Filter

Ohlson Vital Stain Enhancement Filter (VSEF), a new twin filter set from Gulden Ophthalmics comes in a convenient flip-out case that enhances the visibility of vital stains such as sodium fluorescein and lissamine green used in eye exams. This side-by-side yellow and red filter set is typically used in front of slit lamp viewing systems. Compact, convenient and always ready for use, the filter set easily fits into a pocket. The yellow filter of the set can be used to enhance the visibility of the fluorescein pattern in the examination of the fit of rigid gas permeable contact lenses and high molecular weight fluorescein examination with silicone hydrogel contact lenses. The red filter is used for red lens test and to enhance lissamine green examination diagnosis and assessment of dry eye conditions for both contact lens wearers and nonwearers by increasing the visibility of lissamine green staining on the bulbar conjunctiva.
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Two in One
Kowa Optimed, in partnership with EMRlogic Systems, Inc., announce the integration of the DrFirst e-prescribing solution into activEHR.
The electronic medical record management solution software, activEHR, offers a knowledge-based practice management core and informs the user of best practice protocols and information to aid in clinical decision-making, outcome tracking and overall patient care.
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