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Learn to recognize the visual deficits and clinical signs that arise from neuro-ophthalmic trauma, tumors and diseases. By Michael Trottini, OD, and Michael DelGiodice, OD

Imaging for Unilateral Proptosis

Clinical findings alone won’t always be enough to make the diagnosis. Here’s advice on radiologic testing and what it may reveal.

Seeing Halos, No Faith Needed

While temporal artery biopsies are the standard to confirm giant cell arteritis, sonography is a noninvasive alternative.

More Than Meets the Eye

When a patient’s third nerve palsy resolves, the findings on follow up reveal panuveitis secondary to systemic disease.

The Infection Connection

When herpes zoster causes 3rd nerve palsy, patients and practitioners suddenly have to deal with multiple issues.

Seeking Sarcoidosis

Neuro-ophthalmic exam yields manifestations of systemic granulomatous disease.

Heal the Burn

If you note proptosis, resistance to retropulsion and periobital burning, be on alert for compressive lesions like mucoceles.

Ring The Alarm Bell’s

Incomplete eyelid closure secondary to left facial nerve paralysis reveals squamous cell carcinoma of the mandible.

Acute INO: Imaging a Must

When the diagnosis was acute left INO, age of onset made emergent neuroimaging a priority.

Colored Shadows: An Emergency

Positive visual symptoms of amaurosis fugax are possible. Here’s what to look for and how to diagnose.

Sixth Nerve Palsy Prompts a Surprising Diagnosis

Delayed onset of symptoms made this diagnosis tough—but maintaining a suspicion of PMR/GCA put this patient on the road to recovery.

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