Ophthalmic Drugs

Learn to Spot Drug-Seeking Behavior

While somewhat uncommon in an optometric setting, you should be prepared to identify and address patients who are on the hunt for prescription painkillers.

Doxycycline: Do's and Don'ts

This workhouse antibiotic plays a role in the treatment of several ocular conditions, so it is important to understand its uses and risks.

A Roundup of Recently Approved Ophthalmic Drugs

Simbrinza, Zioptan, Ilevro, Prolensa, Bepreve--just to name a few. Now that we've had a chance to use them, do they measure up to our initial expectations?

From Molecule to Medicine Cabinet: A Drug’s Long Journey from Development to Approval

For every 10,000 drug compounds developed, only one will achieve FDA approval. Here’s how it happens.

Are We Gaining Ground on Ocular Infection?

The newer-generation topical fluoroquinolones are some of the most effective antibiotics we’ve ever seen. But, increased bactericidal resistance remains a concern.

New Drugs in the Ophthalmic Pipeline

ROCK inhibitors, SEGRA compounds and SIRT proteins might be unfamiliar to you now. But you may soon see them in topical drops.

Mix It Up: When to Call a Compounding Pharmacist

Most medications that we require are readily available. But when they aren’t, it’s time to get creative.

Generic vs. Brand Drugs: Which is Better?

The cost savings of generic latanoprost may improve compliance, for example, but does the generic “equivalent” work as well as the brand-name drug?

Relieve Patients’ Itchy, Irritated Eyes

As primary eye care practitioners, we are fortunate to have many readily available and efficacious options to offer our ocular allergy patients.

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June 26, 2024

Patient-Centered Communications: Practical Strategies for Discussing EVO ICL
Location: Virtual
Presenters: George Waring, IV, MD, and Marc Bloomenstein, OD
Webinar: 6:00pm PT

Sponsored by STAAR Surgical

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September 8, 2024

Ocular Surface Symposium
Location: Renaissance Chicago Downtown Hotel
Presenter:  Paul Karpecki, OD

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November 15-17, 2024

New Technologies & Treatments in Eye Care and Intrepid Eye Society's Fall Conference
Location: Grand Hyatt Nashville
Co-Chairs: Paul Karpecki, OD,  and Selina McGee, OD

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