June 15, 2024



Diabetic Eye Disease: A Comprehensive Look at the Optometrist’s Role

Learn what to pay attention to and when to take charge.

AMD Staging: More Than Wet Vs. Dry

Various imaging biomarkers can help you get a truer sense of disease status and predict a patient’s risk of progression. Here’s what to look out for.


Myopia Management: Putting Theory into Practice

A huge body of literature supports the concept, but many ODs struggle to implement various interventions. Here are lessons learned from the research that can help you.


Are You Up to Speed on Inherited Retinal Dystrophies?

Enhance your patient care with an improved understanding of these genetic disorders and how they present in clinical practice.


Understanding Uveitis: Causes and Clinical Clues

We dive into common and uncommon etiologies for this condition and give advice on how to come up with a proper differential diagnosis for each patient.



Jot It All Down

Looking back at memories of family and patients is priceless.

Clinical Quandaries

Fade to Black

Be aware of the ups and downs of blood pressure in cataract patients in case this situation occurs.

Diagnostic Quiz

A Clouded View of Post-op Recovery

A patient with a complex posterior segment history presents with new anterior segment findings. What’s happening and why?

Focus on Refraction

It's Time for a Clip Show!

Celebrate our halfway point to 100 published columns with some of the highlights.


School of Hard Knocks

Optometric education is both growing and stagnating at the same time. New colleges are fine. We need new ideas, too.

Surgical Minute

A Close-up on Corneal Transplant Surgeries

In this first installment of a series, we look carefully at the original procedure—PK—with a focus on post-op management.

Therapeutic Review

Heartfelt Insight

Be aware of the cardiopulmonary effects of beta blockers.

Through My Eyes

Make Your Mark

There are several new options to manage retinal disease.

You Be the Judge

Vicarious Liability Leads to Blindness

Yes, you may be responsible for the actions of your employees.