March 15, 2012



Spring Into Action This Allergy Season

With seasonal allergies expected to start earlier this year, it’s never too soon to make sure you’re up to date with the latest treatment options.

Annual Comanagement Report

Steep Competition: LRIs vs. Toric IOLs

Limbal relaxing incisions have been the go-to treatment for astigmatism after surgery. But, will the more reliable toric IOLs take the place of LRIs?

What is ‘Integrated Eye Care?’

Comanagement with ophthalmologists is nothing new. But, how we approach and execute this process has changed dramatically in recent years.

Dry Eye

How (and Why) to Make Autologous Serum

If conventional therapy isn’t up to scratch for severe dry eye, consider autologous serum. It may be easier and more effective than you think.

Systemic Health

When the Doctor Becomes the Patient

After an unexpected transient ischemic attack, an optometrist gets a new perspective on how it feels to be on the other side of the doctor-patient interaction.


Smarten Up Your EyePhone

Here are 16 eye care apps to supercharge your smart phone or tablet into an optometric dynamo.



A Word to the Wise

Wisdom comes from messing up. My new grandson makes a lot of messes, which we clean up for him. He’s just about the wisest guy I know.

Coding Connection

The Chaos of Comanagement

Comanagement is for more than cataract surgery. It’s for any surgical procedure with a global period of 10 days or longer.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

A Wound That Won’t Heal

When treating diabetic patients, you may need to pull out all the stops to put an end to recurrent corneal erosions.

Diagnostic Quiz

A Consult from Neurology

Are this patient's brain abnormalities indicative of embolic disease?

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Here's what our readers have to say.

News Review

A Tainted View

Avastin-related endophthalmitis was from tainted syringes, study says.

Elephant in the Room

Vets remove jumbo-sized cataract.

FDA Approves Zioptan

New preservative-free prostaglandin from Merck approved.

Hope for RP Patients

Omega-3 and vitamin A slow the progression of RP vision loss.

In the News

A look at a few of the latest headlines in eye care.

Virginia O.D.s Confront Definition of Surgery Bill

If passed, the legislation would have set the profession back by a number of years.


Rethinking Comanagement

This month’s report describes a new model, called Integrated Eye Care.

Product Review

Product Review

A look at some of the latest product offerings in eye care.

Retina Quiz

A ‘Grizzly’ Presentation

This patient exhibited multiple pigmented lesions in both maculae. Is this indicative of a very serious underlying condition?

Review of Systems

MS and the Eye (Part 2)

Because MS commonly affects the ocular structure, O.D.s play an important role in diagnosis and management.