March 15, 2014


Patient Care

5 Patients Who Need UV Protection and Why

Taking a thorough patient history is the first step in formulating personalized recommendations for UV protection.

Research Update

The Legacy of AREDS

AREDS-2 raised eyebrows, but could also open doors to ‘pharmaco­genomics’ and more meaningful use of personalized genetic testing.

Systemic Health

What are the Ocular Manifestations of Hep B?

Eye care professionals may play a role in both the diagnosis and management of a number of conditions secondary to HBV.

Obesity Counseling is Within Our Scope

You can no longer afford to ignore the problem or simply hand it off to another clinician. Today, helping patients manage their body weight is one of our fundamental responsibilities.

Nutrition and Diabetes: Our Role in Patient Care

If we don’t educate our patients about the dangers of poor dietary habits and sedentary lifestyles, the incidence of diabetic eye disease will continue to soar.

Vision Expo

A Feast of CE at VEE

The Big Apple has everything you need this March to satisfy your appetite for CE.



No Cure for the Common Code

ICD-9? Annoying. ICD-10? Weird yet complicated. But those are nothing compared to ICD-11—I didn’t crack the code. The code cracked me.

Clinical Quandaries

Red Eye of Olympic Proportions

Bob Costas’s “pink eye” reminds us that the only sure-fire cure for EKC is time.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

Bugs and Drugs

Does the increasing resistance to antibacterial medications found in a number of organisms pose a threat to your patients?

Diagnostic Quiz

News Review


Beyond the Eye

We are more than just “eye doctors”—so, let’s make sure that our patients and our medical colleagues know that.

Product Review

Product Review

The latest industry products.

Retina Quiz

No Complaint, No Problem. Right?

This relatively asymptomatic patient was referred for a retinal evaluation. Will an underlying condition threaten her vision in the near future?

Review of Systems

The Interactive Eye

The Review of Systems can be applied many ways, including head-to-toe screenings. What is ROS, and why does it matter?

Surgical Minute

Let There Be Light

Laser surgery for glaucoma—perhaps overlooked today—still plays an important role.