May 15, 2024


Dry Eye

An Action Plan for Managing Dry Eye

Use this new resource to help navigate the many tools and techniques available to us.

All Eyes on Omegas

Despite some controversy, OFAs continue to play a role in the mitigation of dry eye.

Dry Eye: Matching Patients and Treatments

Experts present real cases and offer direction on management strategies and considerations for dealing with various types of ocular surface disease.


Glaucoma: Pearls for Improving the Patient Experience

ODs play a key role in helping individuals adapt to this life-changing diagnosis and navigating them through the challenges they will face.


How to Perform a Peds Exam in Under Five Minutes

Have no fear. Learn the keys to examining pediatric patients for the generalist optometrist.

Systemic Disease

Ocular Manifestations of Autoimmune Diseases: How to Understand and Identify

Optometrists have a key role to play when it comes to the overall health of their patients.


Advanced Procedures

Oust the Cyst

Integrate these eyelid lesion removals into your surgical arsenal.


Focus on You

Don’t get distracted by all the hubbub.

Clinical Quandaries

When is RK Not OK?

Refractive surgery performed years ago can come back to haunt patients undergoing cataract extraction.

Diagnostic Quiz

Sugar Crash

Significant corneal concerns and a collapsed anterior chamber manifested in this patient. What conditions should be considered?

Ocular Surface Review

As Smooth As Silk

This unique protein is a brand new DED treatment.

Retina Quiz

It's the Pits

Managing this condition can be quite challenging.

The Essentials

Provoked Proteins

Two blood tests can offer greater insight about whether an inflammation-causing eye condition is present.

Through My Eyes

My Favorite Things

In the OSD/DED world of products, these reign supreme.

Urgent Care

Hemes and Cells and Sheathing—Oh, My!

A unique presentation of a rare postoperative complication.

You Be the Judge

Puppy Love Blindness

The rare case of red eye that does not respond to treatment can have a disastrous outcome.