April 15, 2014


Clinical Care

Can You Identify These Tricky Topographies?

Early awareness of corneal surface anomalies can help to reveal the nature of the condition, and its treatment.

Don't Let Dangerous Pathogens Resist Arrest

By combining pharmacodynamic principles and advanced drug delivery systems, we can help limit the proliferation of resistant bacteria.

Endothelial Cell Restoration: Growth or Graft?

Seminal studies in regenerative research could impact the way we treat and manage corneal dystrophies.

How Hypertension and High Cholesterol Harm the Eye

High blood pressure and cholesterol levels can lead to heart attack, stroke and kidney damage. Fortunately, the eye reveals warning signs when trouble's ahead.

OCT for Glaucoma: Advantages and Artifacts

SD-OCT helps us to identify early structural glaucomatous damage, but watch out for artifacts, particularly due to pathologic features such as an epiretinal membrane.



Mo' Employees, Mo' Problems

More employees doesn't equal greater success. For example, take my latest new hire. Please, just take her!

Coding Connection

'Tis the Season for Sneezin'

Thanks to the wicked winter, this spring may be a total itch. Prepare your practice to handle a windfall of ocular allergies.

Diagnostic Quiz

The Ol’ Flomax Flop

How would you effectively manage this patient?

Glaucoma Grand Rounds

IOP Rises as Mind Declines

A long-term glaucoma patient with questionable memory and worsening glaucoma slides toward surgical intervention. What went wrong?

Letters to the Editor

Generic But Not Equal

Response to February Feature on Rx

News Review

Can Doxycycline Slow DR Progression?

A daily dose of 50mg of doxycycline appears to inhibit diabetic retinopathy

Color Blindness Most Common in White Boys

Least common in African-American boys

Eye Drops: 'Magic Bullet' for AMD

Researchers may have discovered breakthrough treatment.

Legislation in Tennessee to Allow ODs to Use Injectable Anesthetic

Bills pass despite vigorous opposition from ophthalmologists

Make Your Smartphone an 'EyePhone'

Stanford researchers develop innovative smartphone adapter.


Fit to be Tied

Scope-of-practice battles remind us just how much misrepresentation of optometry still exists. Don't add any of your own.

Product Review

Product Review

The latest industry products.

Surgical Minute

Band on the Run

Chelation via EDTA, effective in clearing band keratopathy, may be warranted earlier in the disease course.