April 2008


Case Report

Take the Bite Out of Crab Lice Treatment

Extending the application time of bland ointment makes nits easier for the doctor to remove and less painful for the patient.


Three Cases of Cataract Complication

While cataract surgery complications are rare, they can still occur. Here are three examples of late-onset posterior segment postoperative complications you may encounter during a follow-up exam.

Lens Care

Lens Care In the Aftermath of the Storm

Outbreaks of Fusarium and Acanthamoeba led to renewed emphasis on the importance of contact lens care regimens.

Patient Care

Traumatic Brain Injury: What is the Optometrist's Role?

Rehabilitation of TBI patients is faster and more complete when optometrists are part of the health care team.

Practice Management

Reclaim Your Role in Optical Dispensing

There is an emerging need for improved quality in optical products and services.

SECO Roundup

SECO 2008 Wins the Gold

This year’s meeting in Atlanta delivers an annual Congress of Olympic proportions.



Hitch Your Wagon to a Star

Do you think the practice management gurus have all the answers? Nah. If you want real answers, ask your astrologist.

Clinical Quandaries

Look Beyond Anterior Uveitis

A patient with acute retinal necrosis is misdiagnosed as having primary anterior uveitis. Be on the lookout for inflammation further back.

Coding Connection

Medical Billing for Keratoconus

Perhaps the only thing more difficult than fitting a keratoconus patient comfortably is being properly reimbursed.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

Risk of Ectasia Worries Patient

There are several factors to consider when counseling patients about this potential side effect of LASIK.

Diagnostic Quiz

Letters to the Editor

Meetings and Conferences

News Review


Contact Lenses: Then and Now

Contact lenses are truly a cornerstone of optometry, and, as such, they remain a primary focus in Review.

Therapeutic Review

Lumigan: Good for Lashes?

One side effect proved more desirable than expected. But, is a glaucoma drug safe for use as a cosmetic agent?