August 15, 2005


28th Annual Technology Report

Pick the Right Practice Management System for You

First, identify what you want from the system. Then, go out and shop wisely.

Survey: Study Results Matter More Than Integration to O.D.s

O.D.s are bypassing computer shortcuts, but they are leaping to buy new instruments.

Improve Your Practice With Technology

By learning about the new technologies your colleagues have had success with, you will be armed with the knowledge you need to make smart investments that will lead to the growth of your practice.

Contact Lenses

Make GPs an Ideal Fit For Presbyopic Patients

Advances in bifocal and multifocal designs allow you to fit many patients, even if they require higher adds and more intermediate correction.

Practice Management

Promote Your Practice More Effectively

By following these six tips on what you should and should not do when marketing your practice, you’ll save yourself time and money, and attract new patients.



Membership Has Its Privileges

Oops. I’ve been kicked out of the AOA. No, it wasn’t because of that Hawaiian shirt fiasco. I just forgot to pay my dues. Oh, but I’m paying now.

Clinical Quandaries

Who's In Charge Here?

When a patient leans toward a less experienced surgeon, it’s time for you to take charge of the referral.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

A Retreat in Rosacea Therapy?

Recent studies have linked long-term antibiotic use to breast cancer. Should we stop prescribing them? Not yet, these practitioners say.

Diagnostic Quiz

Letters to the Editor

Meetings and Conferences

News Review


What Will Women Do to Optometry?

It’s politically incorrect, but many wonder whether more female O.D.s will mean more employees—at the expense of independent optometry.

Product Review

Retina Quiz

Did Findings Develop in Utero?

Patient with retinal pigmentary changes reports childhood cardiac problems and maternal infection with German measles while pregnant.

Therapeutic Review

Understanding Topical NSAIDs

These versatile medications play a significant role in the treatment of our patients and have a seemingly bright future in eye care.