March 2008


Ophthalmic Lenses

PALs for Children: Can They Slow Myopia?

The use of multifocal lenses for treating vision problems in children is not a new concept, but how useful are progressive addition lenses for this population?

Patient Care

A Walk on the Wild Side

Patients who use non-traditional medicine may not tell you about it. Here’s what they might be using.

Do You Know the Red Flags for Nutritional Supplements?

More people take nutritional supplements now than ever before. But, are they safe for everyone to use?

Practice Management

Role Playing: How to Say 'You're Fired'

It’s never easy to say goodbye—especially to a problem employee. Here’s how to dismiss an employee with dignity, finality, and as little stress as possible.

Ensure a Profit with an In-Office Finishing Lab

Before installing an in-office finishing lab, first calculate an accurate return on your investment. Here’s how.



What to Do About ‘No Shows’

No, I’m not talking about overbooking your schedule or charging patients for not showing up. I’m talking about creative ways to goof off.

Coding Connection

Coding for Post-Cataract Care

Comanagement and billing for post-op cataract care—especially for patients who receive presbyopia-correcting IOLs—can be problematic.

Diagnostic Quiz

Glaucoma Grand Rounds

A Bad Day on the Back Nine

A patient called the office after swooning on the golf course. Could his glaucoma medications have affected his game?

Letters to the Editor

Meetings and Conferences

News Review


New CE Guidelines

Are the new COPE standards a good fit for optometry? Or, will they strip the profession of much-needed educational support?

Product Review

Retina Quiz

More Than a Common Cold?

A 38-year-old female presented with blurred vision and experienced mild flu-like symptoms a week earlier. Is there a connection?

Therapeutic Review

A Heart-Stopping Therapy?

Topical beta blockers have fallen out of favor. But, is the risk for systemic side effects not so bad after all?