May 15, 2010


ARVO Report


AMD treatment, novel imaging techniques and nutraceuticals were on the agenda at this year’s ARVO meeting.

Cataract & Refractive Surgery

At this year’s meeting, researchers present new laser techniques, findings on cataract risk reduction and new insights into post-op care.


From progression to vascular risk factors, this year’s ARVO presentations on glaucoma will lead to better care for patients.


Researchers present their findings about factors involved in dry eye, infection risk for contact lens wearers and more.

Report from ARVO

The research presented at this year’s ARVO meeting will shape the way clinicians care for patients.

Special Feature

Special Report

The Slippery Facts about Fish Oil

Fish oil is an invaluable source of omega-3 fatty acids. But, not all fish oils are created equal. Here is an overview of the different forms of fish oil, including a scientific and economic comparison.



And Now for Some Dirty Jokes

A rabbi, a priest, and an optometrist went into a drug store. They each bought a lot of soap. I know they did, because I was the optometrist.

Clinical Quandaries

Skin Tag—You’re It!

Optometrists can easily remove verrucae and other benign skin lesions using a simple, in-office chemical cauterization procedure.

Coding Connection

The Perspective From Here

When embracing medical eye care, be aware of the risks as well as the benefits.

Diagnostic Quiz

Letters to the Editor

News Review


Optometric Odyssey Revisited

Ten years ago, Review made some grandiose predictions about what optometry would look like in 2010. Well, the time has come to see how close we came.

Product Review

Retina Quiz

Hypertension, Diabetes Are Clues

This patient with a history of hypertension and diabetes experienced progressive vision loss in her right eye. Her systemic conditions are likely to blame.

Review of Systems

The Endocrine System: Part I

Endocrine disorders are often complex and can involve many systems within the body.

Therapeutic Review

Occlusion Conclusions

Here are some new factors to consider when managing patients with retinal vein occlusions.