November 15, 2014


Optometric Study Center

Hormones and Ocular Health

Thyroid eye disease is complex and confounding. This comprehensive review connects the pathophysiology to its clinical presentation.

Practice Management

6 Tips for Effective Tech Delegation

A good technician can save you time, increase revenue, accelerate your schedule and elevate your patients' perceptions of your practice.

7 Steps for Superb Staff Recruitment and Retention

Here's how to find the best new candidates while minimizing staff turnover.

HR Headaches to Avoid

You do everything you can to keep your employees happy, but is your practice compliant with all current employment laws?

Income Survey: A Turn for the Better

Optometrists are earning more across the board, but private practice is 'the way to prosperity.'

Is Paraoptometric Certification Right for Your Practice?

Could your practice gain patients and respect with certified paraoptometric technicians? Or, is certification of techs even worth it?



Epic Fail

I'm terrible at taking tests. Always have been. Always will be. I once took a personality test in a magazine—and I failed.

Clinical Quandaries

How Suite It Is

New cataract surgery 'suites' avoid some human error by linking measurement devices to surgical instruments.

Coding Connection

Ocular Signs, Systemic Disease

Even though systemic disease can potentially affect the eye, third-party carriers don't pay for prognostic testing.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

Intra-op Astigmatism Correction

How do the options for management during cataract surgery compare?

Diagnostic Quiz

News Review

Eye on Ebola: FAQs for Optometrists

Don't participate in the panic, but do take reasonable and responsible precautions.


Syncing Up

A well-coordinated effort among everyone in the practice allows you to achieve more than ever before.

Product Review

Product Review

A review of the latest product offerings.

Retina Quiz

You Deserve Special Treatment

Our patient presented with a fairly obvious macular pathology. But, what management protocol is most appropriate for her?

Review of Systems

ALS: Beyond the Bucket

The Ice Bucket Challenge was a sobering reminder of the deleterious effects of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Surgical Minute

Cloudy With a Chance of Lasers

When a post-cataract patient presents with blurred vision, YAG capsulotomy can swiftly restore clarity to the ocular media.

Therapeutic Review

Ocular Urban Legends

We've heard about these presentations, but have yet to actually see them.