November 15, 2015



Nutrition and Glaucoma: Exploring the Link

Numerous studies reveal that nutrition can play a big role in glaucoma development and management.

Income Survey

2015 Income Survey: Love What You Do

Optometrists are doing well for themselves, but the paycheck isn’t the only thing driving them.

Office Design

The Colorful World of Optometry Come to Life

Optometrists show off bold new office designs that integrate form with function.

Optometric Study Center

Recognize the Signs of Ocular Melanoma

Key features allow you to identify melanomas early and help—even save—your patients.

Practice Management

Are You Ready to Take On an Associate?

From what to pay to reasons why you should—or shouldn’t—hire, consider the following when you’re debating whether to add a new doctor to your practice.

Power Up Your Practice

Thinking about increasing patient volume? Answer these five questions first.

Top 10 Staff Management Tips

Improving your offices’ productivity can be key to happier patients and a healthier bottom line.



Are Optometrists Trendy?

Well, trends change, you know, so it’s hard to tell. Take a look at where we were and where we are going—I dare ya.

Clinical Quandaries

Hit the Books

When a hard-working academic presents with dry eye and a history of LASIK, how do you determine the cause—and how can you help?

Coding Connection

The Busy Practice of the Future

A lot is changing in today’s optometry practice. Be sure you are staying up to speed on coding regulations.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

A Drop in the Bucket

Should a pregnant graft patient be taken off steroids?

Diagnostic Quiz

Yellow: Proceed With Caution

The patient reported no ocular or visual complaints and had an unremarkable ocular history, but his eyes are yellow. What's the diagnosis?

Neuro Clinic

Acute INO: Imaging a Must

When the diagnosis was acute left INO, age of onset made emergent neuroimaging a priority.

News Review

AI Detects Retinopathy in Diabetics

A type of machine learning may allow computers to diagnose diabetic retinopathy.

Carotenoids Can Reduce Risk of AMD

Consuming more lutein and zeaxanthin could be beneficial for the eyes.

In the News

Here is a snapshot of what's happening in the profession.

Stem Cell Trial Aims to Cure AMD

A new trial might reveal a treatment modality for severe sudden vision loss due to AMD.

Watching Movies Improves Amblyopia

Passive viewing of dichoptic movies may be a valid therapeutic modality for amblyopia.

Ocular Surface Review

Too Many Tears: Is it Dry Eye?

Patients with a number of underlying conditions experience epiphora. How do you diagnose, educate and treat these patients?


A Tale of Two Practices

Optometry can and should take on more. But not at the expense of patient satisfaction.

Product Review

Product Review

A look at some of the latest product offerings in eye care.

Review of Systems

See You at the (Neuromuscular) Junction: Part 1

Myasthenia gravis must always be in your differential diagnosis when diplopia, ptosis or both are present.

Surgical Minute

ICE, ICE, Baby

A new combination procedure can help patients undergoing cataract surgery who have open-angle glaucoma.

Therapeutic Review

Acute Vision Loss: Lessons Learned

It may be tempting to go with your first diagnosis, but a closer look can reveal multiple pathologies.