Glaucoma Grand Rounds

She Who Snoozes, Loses

A noncompliant glaucoma patient suffers progressive damage, yet is ‘surprised’ by my concern.

Rethinking the Ratio

Our reliance on cup-to-disc measurements may become a thing of the past once new imaging techniques come to market.

To Solve a Puzzle, Use Every Piece

A patient with a dense asteroid hyalosis was confused about her medication schedule.

It Happens… Conversion, That Is

A 71-year-old long-standing glaucoma suspect converts at a particularly inopportune time.

Sorting Through Med Changes

Medication changes precipitated by insurers complicate the assessment of patients with glaucoma.

The Opposite of “Red Disease”

A second opinion for a 65-year-old glaucoma suspect leads to a discussion of technology, imaging and, ultimately, glaucoma.

The Shoemaker’s Plea

An acquaintance asks your opinion on a patient you’ve never seen. You’re in a social setting, not in the office. How do you handle the situation?

Get Your Priorities in Order

A patient presents with eye pain, elevated IOP, cataracts and vein occlusion. To get all your ducks in a row, which problem do you address first?

All About That Baseline

Two new glaucoma suspects presented on the same day with similar initial findings. Why wait to medicate? Their differences explain why.

Don’t Know Much ’Bout History

‘People are trapped in history and history is trapped in them,’ James Baldwin wrote. Our job: To unlock that history as best as we can.

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