April 15, 2005


29th Annual Contact Lens Report

Does Your Practice PASS the Test?

This simple formula reveals whether your office succeeds at dispensing annual supplies of contact lenses to your patients.

The Reality of Super Vision

Adaptive optics and wavefront technology can correct higher-order aberrations, but will your patients be seeing 20/8 anytime soon?

Ophthalmic Drugs

Topical Steroids 101

Here’s a refresher course on the science and clinical use of this class of potent anti-inflammatory drugs.

Patient Care

There's More to Ocular Allergy Than Meets the Eye

A look at the cellular and molecular basis of the allergic response and the four common manifestations of ocular allergy.

Advances in Cataract Surgery and IOLs

What types of cataract surgery and IOLs are best for your patients?

SECO Roundup



Wake Up and Smell the Toast

Smoking is very, very bad for our patients’ health. You see, if smoking doesn’t kill them, then I just might.

Clinical Quandaries

A New Reason to Talk to PCPs

A new benefit under Medicare, a one-time physical exam, gives optometrists an opportunity to connect with primary-care physicians.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

Do I See Keratoconus or PMD?

How can we differentiate between these two similar ectatic diseases on corneal topography?

Diagnostic Quiz

Letters to the Editor

Meetings and Conferences

News Review


Through the Years

Most O.D.s say PMMA is the material of choice for first-time contact lens fits, according to Review’s National Panel Survey ... in 1975.

Product Review

Retina Quiz

Just How Healthy is This Patient?

Thirty-year old male with no significant medical or ocular history experiences sudden vision loss and peripheral retinal changes.

Therapeutic Review

When Blepharitis Looks at You

A ‘lousy’ look at an uncommon and easily overlooked cause of blepharitis.