August 15, 2010



When to ‘Prescribe’ an OTC Allergy Drop

Optometrists have fought hard for the ability to write for prescription drugs. But for some allergy patients, the best medication is already on the drugstore shelf.

Dry Eye

Blepharitis and Dry Eye: A Common, Yet Complicated Combination

The diseases often co-present, which may confound treatment priorities.


High Standards in New Technology

This year, we look at some technologies that will improve—or completely change—how you practice.

Radiation Therapy for AMD

Current anti-VEGF therapy for wet AMD can be prolonged and expensive. Could in-office radiation be the answer?

‘Making Strides’ With New Technology

Timely introduction of new technology keeps doctors, staff and, ultimately, patients happy, says one O.D. in our Technology Survey.



My Best Opening Lines

They say you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. I’ve made a lot of memorable first impressions—and not in a good way.

Coding Connection

Coding for New Technologies

Using new diagnostic instruments can help your patients—and your bottom line.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

Bariatric Surgery’s Side Effects

Patients who undergo bariatric surgery are at a lifetime of risk for hypovitaminosis. Here’s how to help these patients stay healthy.

Diagnostic Quiz

Glaucoma Grand Rounds

Running Out of Options?

This patient with increased IOP was already on maximum medical therapy and had undergone trabeculectomy. Does she have a third treatment option?

News Review


Growing Up in a Barn

If your patients aren’t spending money, why should you?

Product Review

Retina Quiz

More Questions Than Answers

This patient’s case posed three major questions. Do you have the answers?

Therapeutic Review

Monitor Progressive Myopia

For patients with progressive myopia, management includes addressing visual needs and monitoring for any complications.