December 15, 2011


Annual Presbyopia Report

Surgical Options for Presbyopes

The presbyopic population continues to expand every year. But, you can help your patients select the best corrective procedure to fit their visual needs.

Top 10 Ways to Fail with Multifocal Contacts

Try ignoring comfort or raising patient expectations—or not even offering multifocal lenses. That’ll chase away all those pesky presbyopes.



Blindness is So Inconvenient!

Patients (including you and I) will do anything for convenience. So, we just have to make it seem really inconvenient to go blind.

Clinical Quandaries

How Do I Burp This Baby?

When the pressure is on, you need to give the patient some relief. The hardest part is having the confidence to do it.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

A Pox on Your Eye

What’s the story on the herpes zoster vaccination—how does it work and which patients does it work for?

Diagnostic Quiz

Bad Chemistry?

Patient presents to the office after an ER visit for acute chemical exposure to both eyes.

Glaucoma Grand Rounds

Dermatitis Prompts IOP Drops?

An ocular hypertensive patient who is being treated for a dermatologic issue is a steroid responder. Does she need drops to lower her pressures?

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Here's what our readers have to say.

News Review

Coffee: A Real Eye Opener?

Researchers in Maryland and India tested the pressure-raising effect of caffeine.

Diabetic Eye Disease Has Declined 8% in 15 Years

While the actual number of cases has increased, the percentage has decreased.

FDA OKs Eylea, Rejects Two Others

The FDA has been very busy reviewing ophthalmic drugs recently. Here’s an update.

Glaucoma Screening Requires More Evidence?

Many eye care professionals suggest the AHRQ take another look at the evidence.

Houston, We Have A Problem!

Nearly two-thirds of astronauts on long-term missions develop visual problems.

In the News

A quick look at some of the latest headlines.

VA Gives Ocular Avastin Another Shot

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs reinstated use of intraocular Avastin on October 18.


Bad Hair Days

It’s okay to laugh at yourself. Thanks to 120 years worth of published memories, we do it all the time here at Review.

Product Review

Product Review

A look at some of the latest technologies on the market.

Retina Quiz

Fundoscopy and OCT are Key

Without fundus imaging and optical coherence tomography, we wouldn’t have known that anything was wrong with this patient.

Therapeutic Review

CXL for Infectious Disease?

Corneal crosslinking is known as a treatment for keratoconus. But, could the procedure also be used to treat bacterial keratitis?