December 2007



My Exit Strategy? Your Office!

What’ll you do in your next life? Our current talents make our future options endless. Me, I’ll be the happy-go-lucky guy in your beachfront office.

Clinical Quandaries

Help for Astigmats with Cataract

Due to reliability, predictability and cost, more eye doctors are advising toric IOLs for astigmatic patients undergoing cataract removal.

Diagnostic Quiz

Letters to the Editor

Meetings and Conferences

News Review


A New Lease on Life

There’s nothing good about getting older . . . or is there?

Retina Quiz

Two OCTs: Better Than One

Spectral domain OCT provided critical information for the proper diagnosis of this patient.

Therapeutic Review

Battle of the Bulge

While keratoconus is easily recognized by most clinicians, patients may remain undiagnosed for many years.