January 15, 2010


Contact Lenses

New Data on Contact Lens Dropouts: An International Perspective

More than one in six of your contact lens patients will discontinue lens wear, a new study finds. That’s a big chunk of your bottom line.

Dry Eye

11th Annual Dry Eye Report: How to Establish a Dry Eye Center

Creating a dry eye center is simple, inexpensive and rewarding. The key is your attention to improving care.

Patient Care

Prevent Diabetes for Life

Optometrists focus on ocular complications of diabetes. But, we can do more for these patients.

Refractive Surgery: For the People

Inspiration comes from unlikely sources when learning how to manage patients through a refractive procedure.

SECO Preview

Embracing the Generations

SECO International’s 2010 theme will help you prepare to address the needs of every generation, from infants to geriatric patients.



You Say You Want a Resolution

It’s a new year—a time to look both back and forward. Right now, I’m looking forward to some more cookies.

Clinical Quandaries

Yeast Can Be a Beast

What do you do with a chronic blepharitis patient who gets yeast infections from oral antibiotics?

Coding Connection

Get Ready for Some Big Changes

Many of the changes are significant and will impact the way that you practice and how you bill for services.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

A Comatose Patient’s Cornea

When a patient is in a coma, how should you manage filamentary keratitis and ptosis?

Diagnostic Quiz

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Use -59 Modifier with Care

News Review


Brick Walls

Sometimes the brick walls that appear to stand in our way can actually be just the inspiration we need to achieve our dreams.

Retina Quiz

A Longstanding Blur

This HIV-positive patient presented with blurred vision that had persisted for four years.

Review of Systems

The Cardiovascular System, Pt. 1

Knowing the functional anatomy of the cardiovascular system is critical in understanding vascular eye disease.

Therapeutic Review

Hypothetically Speaking...

Establish relationships with primary care physicians for enhanced patient care.