January 15, 2013


Annual Dry Eye Report

A Lifetime of Dry Eye

Dry eye can strike patients of any age. Do you know the subtle signs and symptoms to look for, and the particular treatments to provide, among patients of different ages?

Why Dry Eye Trials Often Fail

From disease variability to confounding underlying conditions, there are countless reasons why new dry eye drugs have come up short in FDA testing.

Clinical Care

Peeling Back the Layers of RCE

Diagnosing a recurrent corneal erosion is relatively easy. Treating it, however, is a different story. Here’s a look at the best available options.

News Analysis

Will the Sunshine Act Shine a Bright Light or Cast a Dim Shadow?

From invasion-of-privacy issues to the benefits of greater transparency, sweeping changes may result from this new federal regulation.



My Old School

Are you an Old School OD or a New School OD? If you recognize the name of the Steely Dan song in the headline, you’re Old School, pal.

Clinical Quandaries

'Can You Spare a Sample, Doc?'

You don’t want to deny your patients the drugs they need. But at the same time, you don’t want to hand out samples like candy.

Coding Connection

T Minus 12 and Counting…

The Affordable Care Act goes into full effect in 12 months. But, CMS is not waiting to implement significant changes!

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

Artificial Cornea Intelligence

This expert advice can help you reduce complications in patients with keratoprostheses.

Diagnostic Quiz

Back to the Suture

What's the diagnosis?

News Review

Aspirin Linked to AMD

Study finds aspirin increases risk of wet AMD.

Biodegradable Disc Grows Stem Cells on Damaged Corneas

Researchers say it will lower some of the risk to patients as well as the cost.

Blind Mice See Again After Cell Replacement

UK researchers develop a stem cell rebuilding process.

Glaucoma Delays REM?

Glaucoma patients show significant delay in saccadic eye movement.

In the News

A look at a few of the latest headlines.

Multiple Sclerosis Can Be Measured by OCT

Patients whose MS is advancing have faster thinning of the retina, as seen on OCT.

Study: Include Vision Insurance in All Health Plans

It’s no surprise that Americans with vision insurance have better vision than those without it.

Vision Impairment Appears to Be Worsening in US and Worldwide

Visual impairment appears to be on the rise, despite improved treatment

When To Replace Extended Wear Lenses

Nighttime isn’t the right time.


All the World’s a Stage

With privacy rights eroding, should optometrists worry that the Sunshine Act puts their business dealings in front of an audience?

Product Review

Product Review

Here's a look at a few of the latest products.

Retina Quiz

Take Your Best Shot

Our patient presented with blurred vision, floaters and poor night vision. What is the most likely diagnosis?

Review of Systems

Beware the Bite of ‘the Wolf’

Systemic lupus erythematosus (Part 1): This autoimmune disease affects a wide range of systems in the body, including the eyes

Surgical Minute

Vitrectomy with Membrane Peel

The timing of this procedure depends on the patient’s symptomatic course.

Therapeutic Review

Double Trouble III

To wrap up this three-part series, we discuss the case of yet another established glaucoma patient who presented with double vision.