July 15, 2013


Annual Glaucoma Report

A Close-Up Look at Microinvasive Glaucoma Surgery

MIGS procedures can safely and effectively reduce intraocular pressure in patients with mild to moderate glaucoma.

Future Glaucoma Drugs Target Trabecular Outflow

Rho-kinase inhibitors offer a new path to lower IOP by significantly decreasing trabecular outflow resistance.

Is Normal Tension Glaucoma a Clinically Distinct Entity?

Perspectives on the unique challenges and unanswered questions raised by this apparent anomaly.

Contact Lenses

Torics for Astigmatism: Soft Lenses, Hard Choices

With contact lens dropout an ever-present concern, too much is at stake to ask astigmats to compromise their vision.



What’re You Complainin’ About?

‘What is your chief complaint?’ It’s a question that we’ve asked ever since we were wee little optometry students. The answers are still surprising.

Clinical Quandaries

PGAs and the Sinking Sulcus

Have you noticed certain side effects—sulcus deepening, eyelid ptosis, loss of peri­orbital fat—among patients on prostaglandin analogs?

Coding Connection

Do You Feel the Pressure?

Optometrists are taking on greater responsibility in glaucoma management. But this requires closer stringency in coding.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

Just a Little Off Center

A challenging case, this keratoconus patient has a markedly displaced corneal apex inferiorly that makes fitting difficult.

Diagnostic Quiz

Patient Looks Just Swell…

What's your diagnosis?

News Review

In the News

Here's a look at some of the latest headlines.

Novel Agent Offers Hope for Uveal Melanoma

The experimental oral drug selumetinib is showing significant benefits in patients with metastatic uveal melanoma.

Vision Problems Cost US $139 Billion

America is spending $139 Billion a year on eye disorders and vision loss.

Texas Law Limits Plans’ Ability to Set Fees

Now ODs in Texas will be able to set prices on goods and services that reflect the market.


Tracking Glaucoma’s Progression

The field is evolving rapidly, but optometry’s involvement remains inconsistent. Could OD-to-OD referrals help us move forward?

Product Review

Product Review

A look at a few of the latest products on the market.

Retina Quiz

A ‘Lesion of Doom?’

This patient presented with a black spot near her left optic nerve. Could it be a cancerous growth?

Review of Systems

When Clotting is a Factor

When patients suffer an ocular or cerebral vascular event at a relatively young age, a clotting disorder could be the culprit.

Surgical Minute

The Challenge of Chalasis

It’s more common than you may realize, and responds well to surgical intervention.

Therapeutic Review

My, What Big Eyes You Have

Thorough histories are critical when patients present with unexplained pupil dilation.