June 15, 2005


Case Report

Elderly Male Presents With Facial Weakness

Do drawn mouth and watery eye signal supranuclear disease or Bell’s palsy?

Contact Lenses

Combat Contact Lens Mail Order

Want to win the battle against mail-order contact lens companies? Here are seven tips that will make you victorious.

Patient Care

Help Your Patients See Near

Surgical options for hyperopia and presbyopia continue to expand. Here’s a roundup of the options available to your patients.

Your Role in Treating Corneal Ulcers

Ulcerative keratitis is a sight-threatening condition, but with prompt diagnosis and treatment, you can prevent lasting visual disability.

Pediatric Practice

Eyedentify Your Patient's Efficiency Problems

By performing the appropriate tests, we can improve academic performance in many school-aged children.


Will Wavefront Aberrometry Replace Refraction?

NO. An aberrometer is basically an autorefractor that determines refraction at many points of the pupil.

Will Wavefront Aberrometry Replace Refraction?

YES. Wavefront analysis allows us to measure the entire visual system, something we cannot do with the phoropter.



A Word to the Wisenheimer

Everywhere I go, I run into brand-spankin’ new optometrists, who are just oozing doubt and debt. They need my words of wisdom.

Clinical Quandaries

It's Not Such a Pain!

You can manage your patients’ pain. You can obtain a DEA number. Just keep a few precautions in mind.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

Peppers Raise a Hot Issue

Is there a cure for significant jalapeño pepper-induced keratopathy? No, say these practitioners, but you can effectively manage it.

Diagnostic Quiz

Meetings and Conferences

News Review


Suffering in Silence

Pain has been called a silent epidemic. Are all of your patients’ voices being heard?

Product Review

Retina Quiz

Nothing Routine About It

'Routine' exam for difficulty when reading uncovers a suspicious macular lesion and retinal changes along the superior arcade.

Therapeutic Review

Is There a Fungus Among Us?

Prompt diagnosis and aggressive treatment of fungal keratitis is essential to prevent vision loss.