June 15, 2014


Clinical Care

All Eyes Aren't Created Equal

In most instances, atypical ocular development doesn’t threaten vision. However, some irregularities can cause secondary complications. Here’s what to look for.

AMD Therapy: Battling the Burden

An update on the retina world’s quest to reduce anti-VEGF injection frequency while maintaining positive visual outcomes.

Arrested Development: How to Put the Brakes on AMD

Early identification and targeted therapies might allow us to break the link between the disease’s dry and wet forms.

Can We Catch AMD Sooner?

Here’s the latest on the developments to more effectively detect both structural and functional changes caused by the disease.

Focus on Femto

Surgeons have successfully performed manual cataract surgery for decades—and it’s covered. So, is the femtosecond laser a white knight or a white elephant?

Tune Up Your Exam Lane

A miscalibrated tonometer will change your IOP readings. And a mere alcohol wipe isn’t enough to properly disinfect a tonometer tip. Here are some quick fixes.



Vickers School of Optometry

With all the new optometry schools opening, I’ve decided to start one of my own. One thing’s for sure—our marching band will kick brass!

Clinical Quandaries

A Wrinkle to This Cataract

A cataract patient presents with an epiretinal membrane. What must you do to observe it, and then get the patient to the right specialist?

Coding Connection

Take Control of Posterior Pole

Reacquaint yourself with the coding principles involved in the retinal examination.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

Swimming with the Sharks

Pools and hot tubs can be breeding grounds for a number of infectious agents. Which should you be on the lookout for?

Diagnostic Quiz

Digging Up Old Dirt

How would you treat this patient?

Glaucoma Grand Rounds

Two for the Price of One

A 79-year-old patient with vision loss and a pale disc also shows evidence of glaucoma in the same eye. Do you manage him differently?

News Review

Decorative Lenses Banned in Maryland

The sale of DLs is now illegal without a prescription.

In the News

The latest in industry news.

Louisiana ODs Broaden Sx, Rx Privileges

Bill recently signed by Gov. Jindal

New York ODs Push for Expanded Practice Scope

From Buffalo to the Big Apple, NY optometrists may soon be able to prescribe more orals.

Treat Your Retinas to a Cup of Joe

A powerful polyphenol found in coffee may prevent retinal damage caused by glaucoma.


Needed: A New AMD Doctrine

The profession is overdue for a move beyond monthly intravitreal injections to a more sustainable approach to care.

Product Review

Product Review

The latest in industry products.

Retina Quiz

A Difficult Decade

This 10-year-old patient has experienced multiple ocular problems since birth. After this long, can we still improve her vision?

Surgical Minute

The Pterygium Triangle

Surgical removal can free patients from chronic, ineffective medical management.