March 15, 2024


Clinical Care

Optometric Scope: Breaking Down Barriers

Here’s how ODs are challenging old boundaries—and what they can do once freed from them.

Diagnostic Technology

OCT Beyond the Basics: Unlock the Power of This Essential Tool

How to maximize use of this instrument based on the specific pathology at hand.


Ease Yourself Into Myopia Management

While it’s true that going “all-in” on this new area of care can give you the most control over outcomes, novices can find ways to begin gradually and still see success.


Have You Kept Up with the Recent 'New Drug' Deluge?

Optometrists have access to many new meds right now, with a flood of more on the way. Here’s a comprehensive review of what’s out now and what’s in the pipeline.

Safe and Savvy Prescribing of Oral Pharmaceuticals

Two experts share their best “dos and don'ts” to help you confidently handle the most common scenarios across several different categories of medications.


Advanced Procedures

Uprooting Misdirected Lashes

Trichiasis ablation with radiofrequency can be a more permanent treatment option.


Platitudes, Schmatitudes

Listening, learning and being yourself leads to success.

Clinical Quandaries

Down the Tubes

Tube shunt erosion can be rare, but it is a serious complication for glaucoma patients.

Diagnostic Quiz

The Ol' Switcheroo

Blurring of central vision indicated to the patient—and us—that something was amiss. Do you know what happened?

Ocular Surface Review

Shining the Slit Lamp on ADCs

ODs can greatly help ovarian cancer patients who are taking this advanced therapeutic agent, specifically Elahere.


51 Flavors of Optometry

The profession’s fragmented legal basis lets some states surge while others languish, creating dozens of varieties.

Retina Quiz

Well, This is Odd

Do you know the clinical features of this disease?

The Essentials

A Look at Lutein

This lipid-soluble pigment is an integral part of maintaining ocular health.

Through My Eyes

Power Up Your Prescribing

Start e-scribing new medications to specialty pharmacies.

Urgent Care

Not So Nerve-ous

Know the signs of this frequently misdiagnosed condition.

You Be the Judge

Bad History, Bad Patient, Bad Bug

A misdiagnosis can cause a vision-threatening complication exacerbated by a noncompliant patient.