September 15, 2013


Case Report

Too Much Sun, Not So Fun

Solar and eclipse retinopathy can cause permanent visual acuity impairment, in addition to other serious ocular complications.

Diagnostic Technology

The Lost Arts of Optometry, Part Two: Put the ‘Fun’ Back in Funduscopy

These tricks of the trade will help hone and perfect your approach to fundus evaluation.


Children’s Optical: Little Tykes, Large Opportunity

Selling children’s eyewear can be a profitable niche business—but you have to think differently. Here’s what one optometrist learned while building a successful children’s optical in her practice.

Do We Stand A Chance Against Online Retailers?

More patients seem to be bypassing the optical and buying eyewear online. How do we turn the tide on these net-surfing consumers?

Prescribe Sunwear from Your Chair

Be sure patients know that sunglasses aren’t just a fashion choice. Sunwear is necessary protection against the dangers of UV radiation. Education and options start with you.

Office Design

Design Do’s & Don’ts From the Experts

You asked, and the experts answered. Design specialists share their top tips for office layout and flow, optical space, fixing common office design blunders, and more.

Vision Expo

VEW: Doubling Down on Education

This year, the Las Vegas meeting’s educational program focuses on glaucoma treatment and nutraceuticals.



Optometry’s Wisest Words

“It ain’t a rare zebra if a horse is in your chair.” Optometry has many such colorful and wise sayings, most of which I forget. Here are some more!

Clinical Quandaries

Can You Nail This Diagnosis?

Because the patient’s vision is good, an intraocular foreign body doesn’t seem likely—or does it?

Coding Connection

Mind Your Ps & ‘Q’s

For temporary physician services, use the Q modifiers—with care.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

Blurred Lines

Because DSEK often induces posterior HOAs, many surgeons have turned to DMEK as an alternative.

Diagnostic Quiz

I’m Interested in Your Digits

What's your diagnosis?

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Here's what our readers have to say.

News Review

‘AMD Glasses’ in Development

Nobel prize-winning scientist developing eyeglasses and computer aids to correct visual distortions experienced with AMD.

In the News

Here's a look at a few of the latest headlines.

New Sulfa Drug Could Control Migraines

Opsinamides could stop light-sensitivity associated with migraine headaches.

Optometry Bill Stalls in California

Bill would expand the role of ODs to permit treatment of certain systemic diseases.

Statins Prevent Cataracts, Study Says

Research shows statins are not only safe, but useful against cataracts.


From the Box Office to Your Office

Value your services appropriately--and patients will do the same.

Product Review

Product Review

Here's a look at a few of the latest products on the market.

Retina Quiz

A Chilling Presentation

This HIV+ patient presented with markedly reduced vision in her right eye. What does the fundus examination reveal?

Review of Systems

It Takes a Village

Coordinating with other health care professionals in the care of diabetic patients allows optometrists to take proactive measures against severe vision loss.

Surgical Minute

A Yen for YAG

Multifocal IOL patients may need PCO removal earlier than usual, to keep their vision sharp at all focal lengths.

Therapeutic Review

Rubbed the Wrong Way

In MGD patients, intense lid massage and hot compress therapy can cause significant corneal warping.