August 15, 2013


Annual Technology Report

AS-OCT Aids Surgical Decision-Making

Providing a deeper look at corneal pathology, AS-OCT allows for a more realistic prognosis and better patient selection. See how it influences clinical care in four characteristic cases.

New Technology: Good for Patients, Good for Business

OD practices are at a crossroads. If you spend more, will you make more—without compromising care? Many ODs are doing just that.

Special Feature

The Lost Arts of Optometry, Part One: A Refresher on Scleral Depression

When was the last time you performed scleral depression? Do you even remember how to do it? Relax––we’ll jog your memory.


Will You Be Prescribing Google Glasses?

Patients wearing this futuristic device and other “augmented reality” glasses will be showing up in your offices soon. Should you plug in to this technology?



This Job Will Drive Me to Drink

I live by that old saying, “Don’t drink and wink.” So, eyes and alcohol are not the subject of this column. Then again, since you brought it up...

Clinical Quandaries

Better Ask, or They Won't Tell

This patient’s follicular conjunctivitis could be caused by anything—but it’s probably due to chlamydia. You won’t know unless you ask.

Coding Connection

I&R: Interpretation and Report

The job's not finished until the paperwork is done.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

Did You Miss a Spot?

A conjunctival lesion can be tough to classify, but studying its appearance and charting its location can help you make a diagnosis.

Diagnostic Quiz

Time to Clean Up

This patient required a bedside consultation for “recalcitrant bacterial conjunctivitis OD.”

Glaucoma Grand Rounds

If IOP is Up, Take Another Look

This patient’s IOP is slowly on the rise, despite topical medication. How can we look closer to find out what’s going on?

News Review

AOS Ordered to 'Cease Operations'

Chapter 7 bankruptcy forces AOS to liquidate all assets and cease operations.

Astronomy Technology Detects AMD

A retinal densitometer developed with technology typically associated with astronomy can measure AMD with great accuracy.

Children with Diabetes Need Better Eye Care

Children at high risk for diabetic retinopathy are not receving the eye care they need.

In the News

A look at a few of the latest headlines.

Poorer Americans Less Likely to Seek Eye Care

American adults with less education also visit the eye doctor less often.


Back to the Future

What a science fiction story written during the Eisenhower era can teach us about the perils and promise of the latest technology.

Product Review

Product Review

Here's a look at a few of the latest products.

Retina Quiz

One Tough Find

This patient exhibited a retinal presentation so subtle that we almost missed it entirely. Do you see it?

Surgical Minute

Rendezvous With RAMA

Optometrists play a vital role in coordinating intervention among specialists and the GP.

Therapeutic Review

Simbrinza's Ready for Action

Here, we review the efficacy and safety of this newly approved, fixed-combination glaucoma agent.