December 15, 2012


Case Report

Visual Screening Reveals Missing Irides

This teenage patient presented with reduced acuity and photosensitivity O.U. Upon examination, we diagnosed her with hereditary aniridia.

Office Design

2012 "New Look" Office Design Contest

These winning design concepts can help transform your practice.

Ophthalmic Drugs

Are We Gaining Ground on Ocular Infection?

The newer-generation topical fluoroquinolones are some of the most effective antibiotics we’ve ever seen. But, increased bactericidal resistance remains a concern.

Practice Management

How to Throw a Trunk Show

Do you think a trunk show is about as fun as a visit to the dentist? Here’s how to make it fun—and profitable.



The No-Show Must Go On!

Why do patients no-show? There are many valid reasons, such as “It’s a nice, sunny day” or “It’s too rainy to go out” or “Something’s on TV.”

Clinical Quandaries

See Something? Say Something!

If you see a patient with diffuse, hazy rays on the cornea, be sure to consider this rare but deadly disease.

Coding Connection

Rules, Rules and More Rules

Nobody loves all these guidelines and regulations—but ignorance of the rules is no excuse for breaking them.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

DLK Adds Insult to Injury

Diffuse lamellar keratitis can crop up in post-LASIK patients, even years after the surgery.

Diagnostic Quiz

Cut the Crying!

What's the diagnosis?

Glaucoma Grand Rounds

Can High Pressure Be Helpful?

A patient with pseudotumor cerebri learns that she also has a strong family history of glaucoma. Is there a link? And, what do you tell her?

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Here's what our readers have to say.

News Review

Corneal Cells Replace Retinal Cells

Corneal cells could be adapted for use in the retina to treat blinding eye conditions

Even Santa Needs His Eyes Checked

Santa Claus is comin’ to town… for his annual eye exam.

For Cataract Surgery, Laser is a Bit Better

Three AAO presentations finally provided preliminary outcome measures that showed more predictable cataract surgery results with the femtosecond laser.

Glaucoma Screening at Walmart

UAB receives $1.9 Million for glaucoma screening at Walmart.

Microstent Reduces IOP

Glaucoma stent could eliminate the need for topical drops.

Neuroprosthetic Allows Blind to ‘Read’ Braille

For the first time, researchers have streamed braille patterns directly into a blind patient’s retina.

Review of Optometry Mourns the Loss of Publisher Rick Bay

Industry veteran, publishing leader, business executive and friend, Mr. Bay’s integrity, enthusiasm and dedication served as a model in the ophthalmic marketplace.

Visual Problems Rarely Cause Kids' Headaches

A new study find children’s headaches aren’t usually related to eye problems.


Unsafe at Any Speed?

When an elderly patient with impaired vision gets behind the wheel, like it or not, you ride shotgun.

Product Review

Product Review

Here's a look at a few of the latest products.

Retina Quiz

A Familiar Problem?

Our patient presented with transient blurry vision. We had not evaluated her in four years. Did a previous condition resurface?

Surgical Minute

PRK’s Still Got Game

Technological and procedural advances have allowed photorefractive keratectomy to remain a viable procedure for nearly 20 years.

Therapeutic Review

Is NVT Ready for Prime Time?

The latest neural visual therapy software seeks to offer an organic solution to amblyopia, and possibly even refractive error and presbyopia.