December 15, 2017


Income Survey

2017 Income Survey: A Mixed Bag

Optometry made some major strides in 2016, but how did the field fare in 2017?

Office Design

When Tech and Luxury Collide

Review’s 2017 Office Design Contest had a slew of fantastic entries. With this year’s winners, “wow” starts long before the office visit.


An OD’s Guide to Postoperative Cataract Care

Practical advice for both routine and complex cases.

Refractive Surgery: Smiles All Around

Small incision lenticule extraction is changing a field long in need of an update. But is it all it’s cracked up to be?

Seeing Cataract Patients Through a Different Lens

Patients present with visual needs that reflect their unique lifestyles. Let these factors lead your assessment and lens recommendation.

The Complicated Cataract: Up Your Referral Game

A cataract referral isn’t always as easy as it sounds. These cases demonstrate the importance of knowing when—and to whom—you need to refer.



Have a Seat, If You Dare

It’s odd that a column called “Chairside” has never mentioned anything about the importance, in optometry, of chairs.

Clinical Quandaries

The Diagnosis Was a Flop

When a patient presents with an unresponsive, irritated eye, don’t head straight for the slit lamp.

Coding Connection

Coding Cataract Comanagement

What you do determines how you code it—and get paid.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

Blood Omen

Patients with polycythemia vera should be given special consideration prior to considering corneal refractive surgery.

Diagnostic Quiz

Focus on Refraction

Take It to the Limit

In the pursuit of the best visual acuities for our patients, overminusing can do more harm than good—in the long run.

Glaucoma Grand Rounds

Have As Many As You Want

Just because you identified one possible cause of vision loss doesn’t mean others aren’t lurking.

News Review

News Review

Glaucoma | AMD | Persistent Epithelial Defects | Gene Therapy


It Was a Very Good Year

No, not 2017—good riddance to it. But in 1995, laser refractive surgery became a reality, and ODs stepped up.

Product Review

Product Review

Contact Lenses | Diagnostic Technology

Retina Quiz

When Things Get Tense

Imaging shows a case of computer eye strain is more than meets the eye.

Surgical Minute

An Eyelid Tuck

A few snips and these malpositioned eyelids are back to protecting the globe.

Therapeutic Review

Finally, a Treatment for EKC?

After years of only palliative therapy, a new approach is taking shape.

Through My Eyes

Cataracts: Nobody Does it Better

An OD knows more about the patient’s vision—and expectations—than a surgeon ever will. Let’s use that strength for the good of all involved.

Urgent Care

Coming to America

In her first visit to a medical professional, a patient gets set on the right track.