December 15, 2020


Annual Surgery Report

Meet the New Trifocal IOL

The most recent addition to the market is expanding the candidate pool for multifocal IOLs.

MIGS: Indications and Complications

Optometrists can be the gatekeepers of this procedure. Here’s what you need to know to refer properly and care for the post-op patient.

Pearls of Postoperative Care

Know the different strategies associated with each type of procedure, and be aware of potential complications.

To Infinity and Beyond LASIK: A Refractive Surgery Update

Here’s what you need to know about the new procedures that are expanding patients’ options and improving visual outcomes.

Income Survey

2020 Income: Riding the COVID Roller Coaster

Once-steady practice revenue lurched wildly this year, facing unexpected jolts at every turn. Has its course steadied yet?



The Fun Never Ends

If you think you are going to be living on easy street when you retire, I’ve got news for you.

Clinical Quandaries

Shield Your Eyes

An excessive amount of UV light can damage the corneal epithelium.

Coding Connection

Comanagement Goes Premium

More patients are interested in premium IOLs and advanced refractive techniques. Here’s how you handle the coding.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

It’s in the Way That You Use It

Often, hypoxic corneal edema requires a change in scleral lens parameters, rather than a new modality.

Diagnostic Quiz

Field a Guess

What to do when perimetry doesn’t align with other clues?

Focus on Refraction

Buff Up Your Buffers

Exophoria helps the body reduce the impact of visual stress.

Glaucoma Grand Rounds

Play it Safe

It often takes time, and repeat testing, to determine the appropriate course of action for a glaucoma patient who is new to your practice.


Subject to Change

Optometry’s response to the pandemic showcases its strengths, and maybe its future.

Retina Quiz

Mellow Yellow

What could these macular findings signal in our patient?

Surgical Minute

Combo Platter

This MIGS device combines a pair of glaucoma procedures to address three points of resistance.

Therapeutic Review

Reconsidering LPI

It remains the go-to treatment for chronic angle-closure glaucoma, but are others worth looking into?

Through My Eyes

How to Pick the Right Surgeon

This checklist can help you make the best choice when referring a patient for surgery.