January 15, 2011


Dry Eye

Are Inserts the Answer to Dry Eye?

The challenges associated with dry eye treatment are many. But will this new take on an old idea address many of our patients’ needs?

Dry Eye Report

Osmolarity: A Diagnostic Test for Dry Eye

There are no surefire methods of dry eye diagnosis. But osmolarity measurement provides an objective one.

Practice Management

EMRs: Their Benefits—and Their Bugs

Careful planning and implementation can help avert an electronic nightmare.



It Was 20 Years Ago Today…

I’ve been writing this column for an actual “score” of years, as Abraham Lincoln might say. My forefathers would be so proud!

20 Years of Vintage Vickers

Can you believe it’s been two decades—240 columns—of Chairside? That’s a lot of laughs and toilet jokes. Here, we celebrate Dr. Montgomery Vickers. Thanks, Monty!

Clinical Quandaries

Makeup Masks Multitude of Sins

A young female patient presents with an acute bacterial conjunctivitis. Is her department store makeover to blame?

Coding Connection

Game Plan: A Strong Offense

The best offense is a strong defense. (Or is it the other way around?) No matter what, get your goals in order.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

A Differential Diagnosis

How confident are you in your ability to distinguish between a corneal infiltrate that is caused by fungus and one with a bacterial etiology?

Diagnostic Quiz

Letters to the Editor

News Review


Happy Birthday, Review!

Some 120 years later, this publication remains true to the great ambitions of its founder, forward-thinker Frederick Boger.

Retina Quiz

The Downward Spiral

This patient with a long-standing history of decreased visual acuity suddenly experienced a further acuity loss. Is a new condition to blame?

Review of Systems

The Digestive System: Part I

People often find digestive difficulties hard to discuss—which leaves many patients suffering in silence.

Therapeutic Review

A New Tool for Uveitis

Difluprednate emulsion shows effectiveness in uveitis treatment.