November 15, 2005


Case Report

'Black Spot' Becomes Stain on Patient's Health

This female patient had malignant hypertension that required immediate medical attention.

Jobson Research Special

Cultivate Your Contact Lens Care

Contact lens industry data reveal good news and bad news for the contact lens portion of your practice.

Ophthalmic Drugs

Use Your Samples Wisely

Learn the secrets to obtaining samples and how you can most effectively use them.

Practice Profiles Part 2

This O.D. Practices 'Spa-tometry'

By sharing space with two ophthalmologists and a spa, this optometrist was able to purchase new office space and reap the cross-promotional benefits.

Time Capsule

From Y2K to Today

At the turn of the millennium, predictions of optometry’s future abounded. Five years later, have they rung true?



When a Chicken Isn't Little

Some patients will spend any amount of money on important stuff, like pet chickens. But something frivolous like eye care? Forget it.

Clinical Quandaries

Don't Be So Sensitive

What to do for a patient with hypersensitivity to staphylococcal infection? Treat it aggressively with an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

DLK More Likely Than Infection

The risk of developing DLK after a tree branch-induced corneal abrasion outweighs the risk of fungal keratitis, say these practitioners.

Diagnostic Quiz

Glaucoma Grand Rounds

Who's the Boss of Patient's Care?

A patient with advanced glaucoma balks about the frequency of follow-up. Better that you negotiate less frequent visits rather than none at all.

Letters to the Editor

Meetings and Conferences

News Review


Be Your Own Shrink

Use psychology to your greatest advantage--with your patients, your life and your business.

Product Review

Retina Quiz

HIV Patient Reports Blur

Can macular changes and RPE mottling explain this second, worsening episode of blurred vision and distortion?

Therapeutic Review

A Tricky Case of Toxo

We have long known how to treat toxplasmosis retinochoroiditis, but should we treat this disease?